Anjali Kapoor Garg : Marketing Executive,BBC World


Name: Anjali Kapoor Garg

Designation: Marketing Executive - BBC World Sun

Sign: Scorpio, 30 October 1977

Educational Experience

I did my B.Com from Mumbai University.

Then went on to do a Masters in Business Administration with a marketing specialization from the Sydenham Institute of Management, Mumbai, not too long ago.

Professional Experience

Tried my hand at accounting in college - hated it!

Spoke to a few people from the media planet, did a few assignments with them - loved it!

Got a brilliant opportunity to work with BBC World right after post graduation in 2001 and grabbed it!

I started as a Sales Planner - Advertising Sales, for a year, gathering market knowledge and sharing it within the organisation. Moved on to meeting media planners, buyers and brand managers to book airtime revenue and handling marketing for BBC World. Managed to lose both weight and sleep but gained remarkable experience!!

Working on managing one of the world's top brands' created a strong urge to devise new strategies to make this brand top of mind for viewers and advertisers.

I knew I had to manoeuvre my career to building brands. My senior managers recognised my enthusiasm and decided to give me the responsibility of initiating and managing marketing initiatives for BBC World in India.

Job Profile

I thrive on brand building and awareness campaigns in India for consumers as well as trade/advertisers. Creating and executing contests, promotions and events also forms an exciting part of my job. Besides being a custodian of the brand, I derive special pleasure in bouncing off innovative promotion ideas to my team and brainstorming campaign specifics with them.

Television as career choice

This one is surely getting me thinking?. The dynamism of this industry - television being one of the most impactful audio visual media reaching around 80 million viewers who can be segmented in a zillion categories - is reason enough to entice me to be a part of it.

I find it highly challenging to be innovative in this highly competitive environment to connect with this vast spectrum of people.

Current Television scenario:

Conditional access systems (CAS) is probably the most clich?(d) word as of date. Updates come in everyday and currently one can only act as a sponge absorbing all information.

News is a new blockbuster in the television scenario. The news genre is currently witnessing a sea change with the number of news channels on the increase. As news is so high on people's agenda it is interesting to note that with the entry of a number of news channels in the Indian market shortly, there will be a plethora of international, national and local content available for viewers.

Being in such an environment, precise audience definition, speaking the viewer's language, delivery of a superior product and employing relevant communication tactics, are the keys that will help give anyone the edge.

Right and wrong about current Television scenario

There is a lot happening in the TV industry. Changes have been big and quick. It is difficult to predict what's going to happen in the future but one thing is for certain it is going to be very challenging and exciting!!!

Five years from now

I would definitely be involved with brand management and would still be a part of the media wonderland. My career would definitely be on a high, and I may have featured on most 'newsmakers' sessions giving away some gyan!


Music, Music and more music.Idea of enjoyment

A day away from laptops and ringing mobiles? lying under a coconut palm, on a beach, with a cool breeze blowing, reading a book and sipping pinacolada!!

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