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NDTV's women brigade

(Posted on 6 March 2004)

Women power rules at NDTV and it shows! Right from the red 'bindi' in the logo of the channel which has immortalised Radhika Roy's fetish for red bindis to the most popular face on television - Barkha Dutt… it's the regime of the "better" sex all the way!

Radhika Roy - wearing the pants at NDTV?

As an organisation NDTV is committed to one cause - to use its experience, expertise, technology and reach to create unparalleled coverage of the latest domestic and international news and entertainment for viewers. To start with, Dr Prannoy Roy's media shy wife Radhika Roy has a hands-on say in most of the happenings that go on behind the scenes and on screen too! Radhika, who wears the executive producer's hat at the channel, is seen as a liberal and progressive lady by most. Also very encouraging to her colleagues, Radhika sure wears the pants in the organisation.

Sonia Singh - Decaf is the secret of her energy!

Executive editor Sonia Singh is an NDTV veteran. In almost a decade of news reporting, Singh has interviewed the country's top politicians and stars. As anchor of the 9 o'clock News, Singh has won critical acclaim from both critics and viewers for her work. Decaf is what helps this gal keep pace with her hectic schedule.

Barkha Dutt - Here's one who knows her mind!

One woman who doesn't need any introduction is Barkha Dutt. Most remembered as the outstanding face of journalism during the Kargil war, Dutt is senior editor at NDTV. Her motto in life is, "Be willing to be unpopular as it makes your reporting more honest." Full of grit and gusto, here's one woman who knows her mind! Her fearless coverage of the Gujarat riots added a few more laurels to her already full kitty. Well it's not at all surprising that this gutsy journo loves to work through the night.

Nidhi Razdan - My Daddy strongest!

Nidhi Razdan is another popular (and pretty) face on NDTV. She joined NDTV in 1999 and has grown with the organisation. Covering the Gujarat earthquake, Kashmir issues, politics, Kandahar plane hijack, the UK elections and many more, Razdan has earned quite a name for herself at a young age. What's the one thing that this young lady would like to change about television as far as news channels are concerned? Razdan quips, "I wish they wouldn't sensationalise news. Getting news first is important but getting it right is even more important." While in the news business it's a done thing to get used to the phrase 'Breaking News' as one comes across it every day… Here's one who hates the phrase! "Breaking news is not something that keeps happening every five minutes unlike in our country. News of any magnitude is made into breaking news these days. But I think it will change very soon in our country," foresees Razdan. She unwinds from her hectic schedule by watching TV and is addicted to news apart from sitcoms like 'Will and Grace'. Here's one who dotes on her dad NK Razdan (Press trust of India editor-in-chief), who's her biggest critique and guide.

Nidhi Kulpati - Making her family proud!

Another Nidhi in the organisation is Nidhi Kulpati. One of the most popular Hindi anchors, Kulpati has carved a niche for herself in Indian television journalism by producing and directing the country's first metro based news programmes. What with the media business thriving, women are sure going places. Gone are the days when the only recognizable face in the news business was Doordarshan's yesteryears hostess Salma Sultan.

Rupali Tewari- Petite yet strong!

Another lady in NDTV's brigade is Rupali Tewari. She joined NDTV in 1996 and has been an asset to the company in more ways than one. Comfortable the entertainment and the political genre of news, Tewari is also an accomplished sports woman. Don't let her fool you with her petite looks!

Naghma - Head held high!

Naghma is another known face on NDTV. From print journalism to broadcast journalism, this lady's come a long way. An anchor of several prime time shows, Naghma has also worked with the United Nations Population Council and the Centre for Social Research (CSR) - an NGO which focuses on women issues.

Sikta Deo - Pocket size dynamite

While Mandira Bedi made noodle straps intrinsic to cricket commentary during the World Cup last year; NDTV's Sikta Deo gained popularity with her scoops on the match-fixing in cricket and her determination to get to the root of the controversy! When she's not in the studio, she's busy reporting from the field on politics, elections and the people that dominate both!


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