's Telly Chakkar
(9 August 2003)

The quirky world of television is full of stars, starry mood swings, the rat race for the stellar roles and lots more...

Was it Dia or was it Mandira?
Last week, I told you that Mandy, sorry, Mandira has walked out of Amol Shetge's forthcoming directorial venture Sambhav. When I asked the director, he offered: "She thought she was shooting for a daily soap. She wanted me to shoot her scenes as fast I could. At times, she even complained that I was shooting over her shoulder and not taking her close-up."

But my sleuths tell me that the real reason is something else. Seems that Dia Mirza was deciding the length of Mandira's role, and in fact, even rewriting the lines? As for the rest of the story, you guys are smart enough to take a cue.

Ruby Bhatia peeved with Ektaa
Ruby Bhatia has no clue as to why she has been chucked out from Kasautii Zindagi Kay. Initially, she was very optimistic and thought that it was just one of those things, changing track etc. But with no word coming from Balaji House for a long time, she has realised that she has been taken for a ride. Of late, television hasn't been fair to this lady. Remember Extraaa Innings?

Absent-minded Kango
Well, there is an absentminded professor and then there is an absentminded Miss Kango.

Recently, at a social get together, Mayuri Kango was busy gyrating away with the Kittie Party gang. Every thing was hunky-dory, but as the party was wounding up, the chubby chick flushed everyone's spirits down the nearest drain. "Where's my handbag? It had my passport, a gold ring, expensive perfume and credit cards," she wailed. She found it alright, but guess where! The handbag was lying safe at home; she had forgotten to carry it to the party. Real Party animal, eh!

It's 'Khan'can

One Khan has fallen in love with another. The Iranian beauty Nigar Khan , whose claim to fame is being one of the three fairies of the 'Chadti Jawaani' video and Sahil Khan (of N Chandra's Style) are quite an item these days.Last heard that they seemed inseparable. Hope their passion is not a case of bubble.

Mihir's choice
Bet you didn't know this. Mihir Mishra, the handsome Rahul in Sanjivani-A Medical Boon, was the first choice to play Niki Aneja Walia's lover in Astitva-Ek Prem Kahani. Last time we spoke, he confirmed the buzz: "I was on the verge of signing Astitva-Ek Prem Kahani when Sanjivani-A Medical Boon happened." To each his own, but I think that Niki is more attractive than Gurdeep Kohli. Mihir needn't agree. And you don't have to let your imagination run wild to guess why either.

Meghna Naidu, a bold bird
Grilling her on her entry into Bollywood, I ask the 'Kaliyon Ka Chaman' girl Meghna Naidu whether she would be comfy donning the under-sized and suggestive outfits which has become a criterion to be a heroine? She shot back: "Go to a disco or a night-club, or say, a swimming pool. You 'get' people wearing stuff just what the films exhibit. I don't understand why there is so much of a hue and cry when Bollywood heroines wear such stuff on 70 mm. Life imitates films but its true the other way round also."

I probe further: Would she be able to do a Jism? "I would listen to the script in detail. If the script demands scenes like Jism or even a bikini on me, I am game. I am smart enough to understand if anything has been forced into the script just for the heck of it." Now where have we heard that before...

Shweta, the ageless beauty
The voluptous Shweta Kawaatra is hat ke. Unlike other girls, she has no qualms about telling her age. While chatting up with her, I casually ask, "Why do we see you more in sarees?" "You want to know my age? Ask directly yaar. Be bindaas! Don't beat round the bush. These days, there's a new trend. Don't ask a man his age and don't ask a woman her salary! I am 26." Another shooter!

I don't know about you, but I need a dry weekend. The incessant rain has been quite exasperating. No mood for the usual vodka to unwind, just give me cups of hot tea. See you, next week.

A column by Vickey Lalwani that provides a regular update on some of the behind the scenes happenings in tellydom...Stay clued!

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