's Special Reports
New Year's eve -no respite from work for TV professionals
(30 December 2002)
Industry's in trouble, but there's hope
(21 December 2002)
Channels ready with year end fare
(17 December 2002)
Are channels wooing viewers with weekend adult fare?
(10 December 2002)
We are focusing on getting more business stories out of India
(5 December 2002)
The Indian market offers a double opportunity for us
(23 November 2002)
'Credible' soap stars sell better detergent
(13 November 2002)
Wholesome, family fare that addresses all sections seems to be in scarcity
(11 November 2002)
Cinema Scope Channels have started using theatres as a vehicle to spread the message
(7 November 2002)
Soaps - the violence within
(24 October 2002)
For women viewers, it's a siesta fiesta
(21 October 2002)
For I&B ministry, lots of legislative action pending
(12 October 2002)
'Dark Angel' worth sampling despite occasional speed bumps
(2 October 2002)
Soap still sells, says study(24 September 2002)
Affluent living rooms dominate on TV, says study(20 September 2002)
Zee's 'Aati Rahengi Baharein' high on melodrama(14 September 2002)
'Bachke Rehnaa' looks promising enough to revive a flagging genre(11 September 2002)
Ganesh festival high on regional channels' agenda (9 September 2002)
9/11 anniversary will have muted impact on Indian channels (6 September 2002)
Digging into the past (6 September 2002)
Zee TV's Simply Shekhar- stirred and certainly shaken (31 July 2002)
Sony meets its match in Madhuri (15 July 2002)
Summertime - Are kids tooned in? (13 May 2002)
DTH, Prospect or Suspect? (17 April 2002)
Cashing in on piety (11 April 2002 6:50 pm)
Life's better for Zee after 'JIKNH' (4April 2002)
FICCI Frame 2002 15 ,16 March 2002)
Chandra's New Growth Recipe (13 March 2002)
Indian channels in chase for the Oscar (12 March 2002)
International Women's Day Special Feature(8 March 2002)
Budget 2002 gives entertainment sector little to cheer about(28 February 2002)
EnterMedia 2001 moots broadcaster-MSO promoted regulatory body (21 February 2002)
Analysis: Will Zee get extra out of ETC? (18 February 2002)
The Entertainment Industry presents its Budget 2002 Wish List (14 February 2002)
TV grows at the expense of radio, cinema(6 February 2002)
Terrestrial network gets the boot; Ku band gets the green signal (2 February 2002)
The Year 2001: A Quick Recap (31 January 2001)
Mark Mascarenhas - a controversial life cut short (28 January 2002)
DTT & DTH high on govt agenda (29 January 2002)
The disabled see things differently (24 January 2002)
Ratings issue raises hackles in UK, Australia (24 January 2002)
Pakistan gets broadcasting regulations (18 January 2002)
Do artistes get a raw deal in the television industry? (15 December 2001)
Zenith Media bullish on ad spend in India next fiscal (15 December 2001)
Do artistes get a raw deal in the television industry? (15 December 2001)
ScaT 2001: Cable exhibitors dominate (9 November 2001)
Broadcast India Symposium and Exhibition, 2001 (7 November 2001)
"Partnering Zee made sense" SET CEO Kunal Dasgupta speaks to Anita Barar.
Sony goes down under Anita Barar reports from Sydney, Australia.
TV industry feels let down: A perspective on what Indian Budget 2001-2002 means for the cable and satellite industry.
Union budget excerpts :Critical chapters from the budget document relevant to the television industry
The two-day convention on the business of entertainment that concluded Saturday, 31 MarchFICCI - Frames 2001
Zooming in on Zee's possible partners
Interactive Television - Advertising entering a brave new world? By Kiran Karunakaran
Impact of the Gujarat earthquake : A perspective
Industry rallies round for quake relief
A Flashback for year 2000
The Pay TV Conundrum
Sony gears itself to face the market with new strategies.

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