Kesariya Balam Aavo Hamare Des premiers only on SaharaOne Television

Kesariya Balam Aavo Hamare Des premiers only on SaharaOne Television

MUMBAI: A folk narrative set in the sand dunes of Rajasthan; Kesariya Balam Aavo Hamare Des is the story of human emotions put in a unique way. It‘s Rukmini‘s struggle through life and its various situations.

Rukmini, the eldest of the three siblings, is born in a poor Rajput family from Rajod. She has a younger sister Rasal and a brother Gheesu. The girls are the breadwinners of the household. Rukmini crafts Krishna idols out of clay while Rasal is an official letter writer of the village. An unfortunate incident in their childhood leaves Rukmini‘s life scarred forever.

Says Mushtaq Shiekh, Creative Director - Sahara One Television," If you look at Indian television drama they usually revolve around two lovers or a tiff between the daughter-in-law and the mother-in-law or even if a plot starts off with a different concept it ends up becoming a love story, leaving audiences salivating for more. But ‘Kesariya Balam Aavo Hamare Des‘ is not your regular drama; it‘s about Rukmini and her fight with her destiny to show everyone that she has more to her than her deformity. I think everyone will be able to relate to it at some level because everyone has faced rejection and everyone has some flaws to hide."

Meanwhile, the second part of the plot is set in Bhanwar Singh‘s house, whose family is known for its true blue Rajput nature, full of attitude and life. His family is known for its legacy and its stature created by the ancestors over many, many years. Bhanwar Singh‘s nephew, Ranveer, arrives in the village. He‘s a boy who‘s spent most of his life studying in Delhi. He‘s an artist by calling, romantic at heart and gets attracted to Rukmini.

We at SaharaOne believe that Kesariya Balam Aavo Hamare Des, produced by Ajai Sinha (earlier made Ghar Ek Sapna for the channel under Ananda Telefilms) will find its calling with the women of the house who we‘re sure would relate with Rukmini‘s plight and be part of her journey through life. Jaya Binju who essays Rukmini, we feel, will soon become part of your family and life.

We hope you‘ll pledge your support and make the show a success.

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