Star Gold Premieres double animation dhamaka- Ghatotkach and Pralhad

Star Gold Premieres double animation dhamaka- Ghatotkach and Pralhad

MUMBAI: Get ready to enjoy your Sunday afternoon with animated characters from the Indian mythology as Star Gold presents ‘Ghatotkach and Pralhad‘! Action, drama and animation come together in this fun filled afternoon on Sunday March 23rd 2008 from 1:00 pm onwards. Known to present viewers with different genres of movies, Star Gold‘s animation express will surely get all the viewers hooked on. Ghatotkach is an adventurous story of a kid who went on to make history in the great epic war of Mahabharata, while Pralhad is the journey of a young boy who defies his father, mighty demon god Hiranyakashipu and chooses to worship Vishnu, the greatest enemy of demons.


GHATOTKACHA is the son of Pandava Bhim and Hidimba, a demon. From his childhood, Ghatotkacha was a coward and got bullied by all his friends. Hidimba, his mother sends him to his nanaji to make him strong and fearless. Nanaji starts training Ghatotkacha and introduces him to the demon powers. A huge and evil demon, Jango Jingal was behind the secret of the magical portion being prepared by Nanaji that will bring supernatural powers to one who drinks it. Jango Jingal arrives and throws little Ghatotkacha unknowingly into the huge bowl filled with the magical portion. This makes Ghatotkacha strong and very powerful! Now the time had come for which Ghatotkacha was born! The war between Pandavas and Kauravas had begun. Bhim called upon his son to fight the war and Ghatotkacha arrived like a devoted son to serve his father. That‘s Ghatotkacha, the story of a young and frightened kid who goes on to become a hero of the greatest war fought on the land, Mahabharata.

PRALHAD is the devine saga of a Vishnu devotee boy who did not surrender to the atrocities of his father. Hiranyakashipu was a demon king who desired to become god! He meditated and called upon Lord Brahma and asked him for a boon to become immortal! Lord Bhrama could not refuse him. After being granted the boon he attacked God with his army and destroyed them. The he declared himself as god! To this ferocious demon was born a son, Prahlad! Pralhad becomes an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu. Hiranyakashipu gets frustrated and he decides to kill his son himself .Lord Vishnu appeared in the form of Narsimha to put an end to the evils of Hiranyakashipu! But he had the boon of being immortal, so will Narsimha be able to kill Hiranyakashipu even after his boon?

That‘s Prahlad! A saga of young boy, who proves to the world that even a boy of his age with the power of faith and meditation, can compel Lord Vishnu to take avatar and destroy the evil.

So get ready to be mesmerized by exciting and thrilling adventures of Ghatotkacha and saga of daring young boy Pralhad who instigated Lord Vishnu to take the avatar of Narsimha on March 23 at 1 pm only on Star Gold.

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