Psychic Surgery - magic or science?

Psychic Surgery - magic or science?

MUMBAI: Star One will air an incredible programme produced and directed by Siddharth Kak in the popular weekly show Mano ya na Mano (Believe it or Not!) on the phenomenon of bare handed surgery in the Philippines. This will also be the first time Siddharth Kak who has undergone the surgery himself especially for this episode, will be reporting first hand on the show.

In this episode renowned psychic surgeon Rev. Alex Orbito operates without any tools, entering the patients body with his bare hands to remove negative energies that cause health problems. At the end of the operation after wiping the blood, there is no physical trace left on the body nor does the patient experience any pain.

Sounds miraculous to some and fraudulent to others but D.R. Kaarthikeyan, Former Director, Central Bureau Investigation and who himself underwent psychic surgery emphatically says, "When science is only 400 years old, it cannot be expected that it has the tools to understand something like psychic surgery which is several thousand years old and even finds mention in our scriptures!"

Rev. Orbito is one of the best known psychic surgeons of the Philippines and has a distinguished clientele, include world famous personalities like Hollywood Actress Shirley MacLaine (who wrote about her experience in her book, Going Within: A Guide for Inner Transformation), Former President of the Philippines Fidel Ramos, members of the Saudi Royalty, not to speak of important personalities from India like D.R.Kaarthikeyan himself and Ghazal Maestro Jagjit Singh. Orbito has healed over a million people since he began his role as a healing angel at the age of 14.

Siddhart Kak describes his fascinating experience in the following words: "Rev. Orbito briefly examined me and began his work. AT first I felt a slight pain as his fingers probed me - and then nothing. I drifted off to a half drowsy state. It was only when his faithful assistant Mary Romero swabbed my side with a large wad of cotton that I realized I must be bleeding.

Later our young cameraman Jatin informed me that Rev Orbito removed some evil looking ‘negative energy‘ from my stomach. It is astoninshing that we can harbour such negative materials in our body and still live?It was all over in five or sif minutes, but psychologically it is an experience of a lifetime."

Rev. Orbito describes what happens to him when he operates: "As I see the crowd of sick people waiting for me to relieve them of the suffering, my heart is filled with compassion. I deeply concentrate and fervently pray to God to make me a channel of His will power.

I first feel a strange coldness all over my body as the spirit descends upon me, then a feeling of great warmth? As I place my hands on the patient‘s body, I feel the healing energy surge through my fingers causing vibrations and stimulating the cells of the patient‘s afflicted part? my hand becomes like a magnet that attracts the diseased part? I can see and feel the patients being relieved instantly."

D.R. Kaarthikeyan who has invited Alex Orbito to India before and is a believer in his healing power says "Alex Orbito is prepared to collaborate with any rational or scientific body to establish the truth of the amazing phenomenon of psychic surgery. I feel we should approach this with an open mind.

Just because some doctors are quacks or some surgeries are unsuccessful, we do not condemn the entire medical profession. Even if it is the power of faith which does the healing, it is a good thing for humanity."

Good or bad, magic or science, truth or trickery you decide on Friday February 12th at 11.00 pm on Star One when you view the special episode featuring Alex Orbito and his psychic surgery anchored by well known cinema actor Irrfan Khan.

Believe it or Not, but Mano ya na Mano, the extraordinary mystery show on Star One has become one of the top rated shows on the Star One platform. Anchored in mesmerizing fashion by actor Irrfan Khan and directed by Siddharth Kak who gave us the unforgettable cult culture show Surabhi, Mano ya na Mano has been consistently in the top three shows of Star One since it began telecast in February, 2006.

In fact Star One has been flooded by mail from viewers appreciating the show and Mano ya na Mano ranks No.1 on the channel in terms of viewers mail response.

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