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Dainik Bhaskar top newspaper in Jalandhar and Amritsar


MUMBAI: As per the IMRB readership report Dainik Bhaskar with a readership of 3.18 Lac is the largest read newspaper in Jallander and Amritsar. It has a lead of over 43% over Punjab Kesari which has 2.23 lac readers.

Dainik Bhaskar was launched in Punjab in September last year with a subscription of 1.76 lac copies and now has 2.1 lac copies. It has in this short period of time expanded the market and created new standards. Bhaskar has more young adults readers in the age group of 20-34 years and also the mature reader's subset of 45+ where the habits and the choices are tougher to break. In case of graduates too Bhaskar has 95 thousand readers compared to just 67 thousand of Punjab Kesari.

Says Bhaskar Group DGM Peter Suresh, "Readership surveys are the benchmarks of the key deliverables of a newspaper. We decided to conduct a readership research - as IRS and NRS will have reported us at a far later stage. In this we have involved clients and agencies at every stage- providing opportunity for rider question, back-checks and validation. Some of the clients have added brand / category questions which has thrown some interesting brand ownerships insights - which help in further understand the market. Our readership profiles cover all spectrums of society."

Says Bhaskar Group GM Punjab Dharmendra Atri," The taste of success is always felt best by the team that has been on the ground. For us it's a great feeling to see quantified the growth. A huge team conducted the door-to-door contacts covering the entire area in the meticulous way. It just proves that the success is gained inch by inch, all effort have to work synergistic and more so that the Bhaskar Research an integral part if the market launch strategy process has been tested time and again and have borne results. Yes it's true that for every market with time- we have modified / adapted and remodeled the same- but essentially finding what the reader is really looking for and providing that to him- was- is and will remain the foundation for any newspaper's success."

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