Delhi based Veena Parashar wins the coveted title of Bathroom Singer

Delhi based Veena Parashar wins the coveted title of Bathroom Singer

MUMBAI: FILMY‘s Bathroom Singer, concluded with Delhi based Veena Parashar winning the contest.It is for the first time that a woman has won a music based reality show in India. Along with the title, Veena has won a whopping sum of Rs. 25 lakhs as prize money!

The show was a hunt for an untrained singer, with the unique combination of singing and an entertainment quotient or ‘jhaag‘. Out of more than ten thousand auditions, twelve people were chosen and the final match was between the 22 year old Veena and the 38 year Dr Gautam Banerjee.

On winning, Veena Parashar states: "I feel great on this achievement. It has been a 4 month long journey for me, away from my family. I feel really happy that all the sacrifices and hard work have reflected in my performances and have been appreciated by the viewers!" On asking what she intends to do with prize money, Parashar states: "I want to donate most of it to my grandmother‘s dharamshala, while the rest I will give to my parents for all the love and support that they have given me."

Dr Gautam Banerjee states: "The concept of the show was extremely unique and with no music background, I never thought I would reach even this far. It was a great experience to be a part of the show, and being one of the final two is a big victory in itself for me."

Judging the performances of the contestants was an eclectic jury panel comprising of disco king Bappi Lehari, Bhojpuri superstar Ravi Kishan, and the talented singer-cum-composer Shibani Kashyap.

Bappi Lehari said: "Bathroom Singer was a refreshingly original concept as it broke the monotony of the traditional music reality shows. It appealed to me for both its setting and the kind of natural and spontaneous talent it promised to unveil. It was really tough for us to guess who will be the winner. I must thank the viewers for making the job easier for the judges. For me both Veena & Dr Gautam are the winners and I will give them their first break as playback singers in Bollywood."

Says Ravi Kishan: "I was extremely excited to be a judge on a show like ‘Bathroom Singer‘, as it was about an ordinary person who had to win a million hearts. Veena Parashar came out as the sure winner by doing just that!"

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