AXN 'Amazing Race Asia' announces teams

MUMBAI: Asia?s very own, The Amazing Race Asia, reveals the ten teams selected to race around Asia and beyond for the grand US hundred thousand dollar prize. The inaugural The Amazing Race Asia, is slated for broadcast on Thursday, 9 November 2006, 11 pm, exclusively on AXN! Come join the ten pairs of adventurous and gutsy residents of Asia as they take part in the first-ever Asian edition of the four-time Emmy award winning reality-competition series, The Amazing Race!

The Amazing Race Asia reached a broad spectrum of people from various Asia countries, cultures and different walks of life since the call for participation that was made in February 2006. Some begged, some bragged, some even cried, just to attract the eyes of the selection committee. It was a tough process, but after much deliberation, a diverse group of contestants living in different parts of Asia, of various backgrounds and life experiences were thrown into the mix to outrun, outsmart and conquer in the race.

AXN has produced the award winning series Amazing Race within Asia. This is a multimillion dollar series that is produced by AXN Asia and has teams from across Asia competing. It is the first localized production of such a monumental scale and stature.

The teams will be traveling around Asia and beyond where language barriers, time constraints and foreign environments become too hot to handle.

Out of more than ten thousand applications from all over Asia an Indian team comprising of hunky male models Prashant Raj Sachdev & Sahil Shroff were chosen and they will compete against 9 teams from Asia to win that coveted prize of fame and money!

In a time where reality shows with international formats within India and relayed only in India are the talk of the town, Prashant and Sahil have gone where no other Indian has gone before, competing on an international platform to international as well as Indian audiences.

Host Allan Wu says, ?The producers definitely took the time and did their homework to select the most diverse, entertaining, and controversial batch of contestants for our first season. Expect to see the usual tantrums and arguments between teams and teammates. Furthermore, expect to see clashes that you?ve never even seen on the US-version. Our contestants are from all over the region and not just one country so you are definitely going to see some major drama and rivalries.?

The Amazing Race Asia is an AXN original production. Ricky Ow, General Manager of SPE Networks - Asia says, ?The participants are the key drivers of any challenge-reality show with the humor and drama that they create onscreen. Viewers will definitely not be disappointed by our selection of the contestants. They are a colorful and vibrant mix that will truly make The Amazing Race Asia an exceptional and really unique first-of-its-kind viewing experience for Asia viewers.?

The Amazing Race Asia promises to be a highly entertaining program not to be missed!

The Amazing Race Asia will be broadcast exclusively on AXN on the 9 November 2006.


Prashant and Sahil have been close buddies for the past five years from the commercial, movie and fashion capital of India, Mumbai. Anyone who takes a glance at these two will be tempted to do a second take and probably think of them as Bollywood hunks. Both are models on the fashion runway but that does not necessarily mean they lead boring lives punctuated with shoot after shoot or endless catwalks.

They hold other jobs as well. Prashant organizes events and Sahil works for his family?s business ? and along the way, they find time to regularly work out in the gym and take interest in their active social lives as well. When Prashant first met Sahil?s sister five years ago, she kept telling him how similar he was to her brother. When both Prashant and Sahil finally met, they hit it off immediately and have been close friends since then.

While both acknowledge having similar traits and characteristics which led to a strong friendship, they gave insights to the differences in their personalities.

Sahil is more outgoing and spontaneous which is a trait much admired by Prashant. ?I would rather do fifty things in a day,? says Sahil, ?than do twenty.? Prashant, on the other hand, is more laid back and more patient. He would rather see things through before making a decision. Sahil describes Prashant as being ?more accommodating?, and sees that trait as a good thing.

Prashant underscores the fact that the both of them balance each other out, saying. ?The thing that I lack, he excels in.?

What they believe will stretch them far during the Race are compatibility and mutual understanding that they possess as close buddies. The ability to perform better under stress seems to be another secret that they believe will crown them the glory in the Race. They foresee one of them having the ability to maintain the calm and some measure of equilibrium when stress sets in.

Mental grit apart, having two guys in a team may prove to be an advantage when strength could be the ultimate factor in tackling physical challenges.

As the only team representing their country, national pride may just be the fuel needed to drive them towards their goal in winning The Amazing Race Asia.

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