Discovery Travel & Living Presents The Second Season of 'Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations'

MUMBAI: Continuing his worldwide search for unique cuisines and cultures, Anthony Bourdain returns to Discovery Travel & Living this October with a brand new season of No Reservations. Adding a new flavour to his hit series, Anthony captures the unique Indian gastronomy in two one-hour episodes - Rajasthan and Kolkata/Mumbai.

In the India episodes, Anthony explores local spices of Rajasthan, Mumbai's street food and its variety of kebabs, Bengali delicacies, Kashmiri cooking, tandoori food and even lassi. On his India journey, Anthony travels to Kolkata to witness a cockfight on the banks of the Ganges, visits the city's largest flower market and a soap opera studio to watch a local television production in progress. He even visits Royalty in Rajasthan and travels through the Indian desert musing contently on his journey through the region.

"One of India's most remarkable aspects is that it's one of the few places in the world where I, an inveterate carnivore, can cheerfully eat vegetarian food," says Anthony Bourdain. "If there is one place on earth where I could be alone with my thoughts and search my inner self, it's here amongst the dunes of Rajasthan."

Beginning 1 October, Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations will air every Sunday at 9 pm and encore the following day at 4 pm.

From Quebec to Puerto Rico, Sweden to Ethiopia and everywhere in between, Anthony weaves across the globe to experience the foods that flavour the world's cultures. The best-selling author and food celebrity takes his 30-year culinary experience with him as he creates his own inimitable travel experiences.

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations - Series Description

Sweden 1 October 9 pm

Anthony investigates Sweden, a land of contrasts, hoping to dispel the myths of tall blondes, Swedish meatballs and the hit rock band Abba. The first stop on his Scandinavian adventure is a home design store called Design Torget. Later, he dines at Lux, a popular upscale Swedish restaurant and tastes popular Swedish delicacies such as lobster with butter and lingonberry sorbet. He also tests his glassmaking skills at Skansen Glassworks. On the final day, he finds himself amongst The Stubborn MCs, a motorcycle gang who has decided to take him under their wing to show him a little excitement.

Puerto Rico 8 October 9 pm

Anthony begins his first-ever trip to Puerto Rico in Old San Juan. His local tour guide, Andy, first takes him to the mountain village of Caiay where he has the best roast pig of his life. He attends a posh party at Hacienda, where he rides prize-winning horses, listens to great local music and enjoys traditional cuisine. He then heads to the jungle to search for another mythic beast indigenous to Puerto Rico - the Chuppacabra. Nearing the end of his trip, he is given the opportunity to visit one of Puerto Rico's most famous celebrities - Miguel Cotto

Quebec 15 October 9 pm

Anthony explores the food culture in Quebec with his friend and celebrated chef, Martin Picard, who takes him to a duck farm and processing plant to see how foie gras is made. Next, he heads to Sucrerie de la Montagne, a maple syrup farm deep in the Quebec woods, to indulge in another rich and delicious Canadian favourite. Later that afternoon, he hops on a chartered flight to the frozen Arctic Circle, where his friend and guide Charlie introduces him to the ancient practice of seal hunting. Finally, he steps on to the ice with a local university hockey team to complete his Quebec experience.

Mexico/U.S. Border 22 October 9 pm

Anthony heads to the Texas/Mexico border, where his first stop is TB's Bar and Grill - an authentic Tex-Mex food paradise. Next, he sets off to Piedras Negras in search of the dish synonymous with Mexico - nachos. Finally, he meets Alfredo, a native of Mexico, who treats him to an amazing spread of homemade Mexican food.

Korea 29 October 9 pm

Upon arriving in Seoul, Anthony first visits Seoul's fish market. A bustling and chaotic m?lange of seafood, there is an intuitive order to the madness, as thousands of workers move hundreds of thousands of tons of fish. He feasts on chopped octopus tentacles for breakfast. Since Nari, his employee and guide, wants him to get a taste of the real Korea, she takes him to the countryside to experience one of the country's most loved traditions, Kimchee - fermented cabbage. Later, Anthony and Nari dine on a wonderful meal of soup and fresh water fish, as Nari's grandfather tells the story of his escape from war-torn Northern Korea into the South.

Indonesia 5 November 9pm

Upon arriving in Jakarta, Anthony is greeted by his friend Novi. They attend a silat demonstration, an Indonesian martial art. At a sidewalk padang, Novi explains the ingredients as the dishes are brought to the table. In Garut, he hunts down nasi goreng, the local version of fried rice. The next day, he discovers a local treat - dodol, a chocolate snack. In Bali, he is introduced to the finest and juiciest pig he has ever tasted. The next day, he meets his friend Jamie, a Balinese local and a television show host, to experience the true Bali. After a delicious dinner in a balai bungong, a daydreaming platform, Jamie takes Tony to watch kechak, otherwise known as "The Monkey Dance".

India - Rajasthan 12 November 9 pm

Upon arriving in Rajasthan, Anthony travels to Udaipur, where he checks out local spices and vegetables and discovers a restaurant called Natraj. There he meets brothers Jayant and Jatim, the restaurant's cooks and managers. They treat him to a delicious Thali. Later that evening, he attends the 21st birthday party of the Maharajah's son. The buffet is an endless line of colourful and delectable dishes. He then travels to Dilwara to meet-up with his friend and fellow chef, Vimal Dar, who introduces him to the art of Kashmiri cooking. Next, he travels to Jaisalmer to enjoy tandoori food, "aloo-parathas" and lassi.

India - Kolkata and Mumbai 19 November 9 pm

Anthony travels to Kolkata and Mumbai to rediscover the magic of these two beautiful cities. In Kolkata, he meets up with Koushik, a local who takes him to a cockfight on the banks of the Ganges river and to the city's largest flower market. He also travels to a local production studio to watch the rehearsal of Tithi Atithi, a local soap opera. Later, he eats lunch with Mamata Shankar, a well-known Indian actress and niece of the famous Indian musician, Ravi Shankar.

Then Anthony travels to Mumbai, where a young local woman takes him to sample the street food and a variety of kebabs.

Others episodes in the series:

- Ireland 26 November 9 pm

- Ethiopia 3 December 9 pm

- Beirut 17 December 9 pm

- Pacific Northwest 24 December 9 pm

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