Beauty And The Geek debuts on May 31st on Star World

Mumbai, May 29, 2006 - Take 7 beautiful women with not much in the way of brains, and pair them up with 7 brilliant men who are?well, not much to look at. Make sure that each will need the other's strengths and skills in order to win US$250,000. What do you get? One riveting social experiment, brought to you by Punk'd creator Ashton Kutcher. Can beauties and geeks get along, or are they really from two different worlds? You'd be surprised. Catch Beauty & The Geek on STAR WORLD - starting May 31, Wednesdays at 8 p.m.

The stereotypes all stand true when the two groups of people are first introduced. The extensively groomed women hold jobs like "NBA Dancer", "Sorority Girl" or "Lingerie Model". There's even a life-size Barbie model! The men? Socially awkward beings with nice personalities and intellectual smarts.

The challenges are geared to get the men up to speed on the etiquette of approaching and charming women, while the girls have to fill up on their general knowledge, as well as overall skills in things other than looking good. (Rocket science would be a good start!) And here's where the lines blur. As the beauties and geeks become one another's roommates, teammates, and life coaches in a series of hilarious contests, friendships form, preconceptions are shattered and surface differences disappear.

And surprisingly, or perhaps NOT surprisingly, romances develop.

So if you think this is going to be tame, think again, because aside from some of the girls suddenly developing amazing capacities to learn and absorb information, the hidden stud in some of the guys also start to come out. Hot tubs, steamy bedroom encounters, and personality clashes abound in this highly entertaining game of mix-and-match.

Eventually, each of the contestants will have to overcome his or her limitations by depending on the team-mate's strengths to improve and ultimately to win. And in the process, most of them come away with the realisation that beauty and geeks can become more together, than they are separately.

Strangely uplifting and filled with extremely watchable characters, this strikes a different note from the usual slew of reality TV. So don't miss this experimental cauldron of Beauty And The Geek - starts May 31, every Wednesday at 8 p.m.

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Starts May 31

Wednesdays at 8 p.m.

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