'Saas Bahu & Sensex' on CNBC TV18

"I am a very cautious investor. I do not get swayed by jumps in numbers in the Sensex. I have recently bought Reliance Petro IPO - primarily because I am confident about Mukesh Ambani's background and as an administrator. Also, petroleum products are the future stocks of our country. A lot of women have come to the forefront in buying and selling stocks and just like me; they should not only deal in stocks but should also be involved in Mutual Funds and Equity Bonds." ? Smriti Irani on Saas Bahu & Sensex.

The working population of the country is seeing a rise in the number of women opting for jobs. Furthermore, this working women?s population is not reduced to working in the lower cadre of the organization, with many of them holding management posts earning 5 figure salaries every month.

This new found affluence amongst the women has brought effect to a growing number of women investors. Women are looking at mutual funds, equities and the stock market with a new sense of purpose. Where earlier all the money management was left to the husbands, who invested in their name. Their involvement in their portfolio was to the limit of signing the forms every other month.

This new found independence amongst the women has not gone unnoticed. The woman investor brings her own character into play while making important decisions. She is cautious but aware; she will look at all the available options, weigh their risks and then take that step forward. Her decisions are often sound and sure, often with a long term perspective.

Keeping this growing profile in mind, the Housewife Special on Your Stocks on CNBC-TV18 is telecast every Thursday between 11 am-12 noon. The show is called "SAAS, BAHU & SENSEX", it is a live interactive show aimed at the ladies wherein housewives come from all across India and put their stock queries to analysts on the show - one with Fundamental view and the other with Technical view.

The purpose is to cater especially to the huge untapped audience of women who invest in stock markets. Women from Raipur, Jalandhar, Surat, Nasik, Udaipur, Kolkata, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Vadodara etc have joined in the very popular ?Your Stocks Women?s special ? ?SAAS, BAHU & SENSEX?

The show helps them in strategizing their investment plans. CNBC-TV18?s fundamental and technicals guests give a comprehensive view on what they should do with their stock holdings, Buy Sell or Hold the stocks, which are the stocks they can invest in etc.

Lady celebrities like Smriti Irani, Apara Mehta make special guest appearances on the hugely popular show. An attractive montage of other celebrities who actively invest their money like Malaika, Mallika, Shobha De, Neelam, Juhi etc will also be on Saas Bahu & Sensex only on CNBC-TV18.

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