STAR Ananda elected #1 TV Channel on Counting Day in Kolkata!

Beats General Entertainment Channels and News Channels to emerge as the undisputed choice of viewers on Counting Day in Kolkata with Highest Market Share, Channel Share and Time Spent

All Top 10 news programmes in TAM Week 19 on STAR Ananda

Bengali television viewers voted with their remotes on Counting Day and delivered a flattering verdict for credibility, programming and quality of coverage, selecting STAR Ananda as the undisputed # 1 television channel in 'any category' in Kolkata. STAR Ananda scored as the # 1 watched TV Channel on counting day with a 30% marketshare ahead of ETV Bangla and Aakaash Bangla (both GEC Channels) and far ahead of the rest of the news television world with Kolkata TV's 7% and 24 Ghanta TV's 5% (amongst all Bengali Channels). Channel Share was again tops for STAR Ananda at 15.59 ahead of ETV Bangla, Aakaash Bangla and Kolkata TV according to the latest TAM ratings (May 11th 2006; CS 15+). On the important parameter of Time Spent too, STAR Ananda scored at the top of the list at 54 minutes to ETV Bangla and far ahead of the next news contender CNBC-TV18 and Kolkata TV.

STAR Ananda scored with 58% marketshare amongst all news channels on Counting Day in Kolkata and in All of West Bengal at 55%, thus reiterating that despite the initial buzz of new launches, when it comes to credible news delivered on the biggest day of West Bengal elections, the people of Kolkata and indeed West Bengal only trust and watch STAR Ananda. Little wonder then that STAR Ananda delivered with all Top 10 news programmes for the entire TAM Week 19 on STAR Ananda in Kolkata and West Bengal (CS15+; May 7-13, 2006; TAM)!

Meanwhile, a quick snapshot of the other big ticket events of the Bengal elections - Exit Polls - reveals that STAR Ananda is ahead of its closest news competitor by at least 2 times over. In the 5-stage polls, the All of West Bengal figures reveal that STAR Ananda scored with a 33% marketshare in the 1st of the Exit Polls on the 15th of April against Kolkata TV's 15% and Aaj Tak's 12%; on the 22nd of April STAR Ananda scored with 42% vis-?-vis 24 Ghanta TV's 14% and Kolkata TV's 11%; on the 27th of April, STAR Ananda was ahead at 41% against 24 Ghanta TV's 18 % and Kolkata TV's 17%; on the 3rd of May STAR Ananda again decimated the competition with a 32% marketshare against 24 Ghanta TV's 16% and Kolkata TV's 13%; on the 8th of May STAR Ananda scored at 32% vs. Kolkata TV's 16% and 24 Ghanta TV's 14%; and finally on the counting day on 11th of May STAR Ananda closed with a whopping 55% marketshare, nearly 4 times ahead of closest competitor Kolkata TV at 14% and 24 Ghanta TV at 9%!

The impressive showing for STAR Ananda comes on the heels of several new Channel launches and programming initiatives. The West Bengal legislative elections were meant to be an acid test for news media in a very politically aware West Bengal. STAR Ananda has thus received a thumping endorsement for its positioning as the expression of the Bengal on the move, and for its mandate as the Voice of the Bengali.

STAR Ananda has constantly scored with its programming, positioning and packaging, bravely showcasing the people's point of view. The recent ratings are merely a huge endorsement of its stand to empower viewers. Having introduced a paradigm shift in news broadcasting, this unambiguous success of STAR Ananda will leave much to be desired from other Channels.


STAR Ananda is India's First National Bengali News Channel. Introducing a paradigm shift in the broadcast of regional language news, STAR Ananda reflects the heritage of an impressive parentage and provides in-depth and extensive coverage of local, national and global news. STAR Ananda is broadcast by Media Content & Communications Services India Pvt. Ltd. (MCCS), a 74:26 joint venture between ABP TV - a 100% subsidiary of ABP Pvt. Ltd., and STAR News Broadcasting Ltd., wholly-owned subsidiary of the STAR Group; two of the biggest brands in Indian media. Headquartered in Kolkata and housing state-of-the-art production facilities, STAR Ananda boasts an extensive bureau network, bringing to the Bengali viewer unparalleled, comprehensive and incisive news coverage. With an over 40 per cent majority marketshare in the Kolkata and West Bengal markets amongst all news channels in launch week, STAR Ananda continues to consolidate, adequately reflecting the aspirations of the Bengali people.

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