CNN's Global Office interviewing Linus Torvald

May’s GLOBAL OFFICE explains the growth of ‘Open Source’ and features rare interview with founder of LINUX

Airtimes: Indian Standard Times

Saturday, May 20 @1300 and 1900

Sunday, May 21 @ 1700 and 2300

Thursday, May 25 @1900

Kristie Lu Stout and the GLOBAL OFFICE team examine “Open Source” – the software revolution that is sweeping the world and bringing with it a unique business philosophy. The show looks at how collaboration and the mantra “share and share alike” is being embraced by governments and businesses big and small.

GLOBAL OFFICE also gets a rare interview with the media-shy Linus Torvalds, the programming legend who created Linux. Speaking with Kristie Lu Stout, the 36-year-old Finn gives an insight into life at the helm of the world’s fastest growing operating system that is giving Microsoft some serious headaches. In the unofficial headquarters of the movement, Portland in the U.S. state of Oregon, Kristie talks to some of the biggest players behind and involved in Open Source such as IBM and Mozilla and reveals how products like Linux and the Firefox Web browser allow for collaboration, innovation and with it potential for a better financial bottom line.

The founder of online encyclopaedia Wikipedia Jimmy Wales and Danish toy company Lego’s CEO Jorgen Vig Knudstorp also share with GLOBAL OFFICE how Open Source is used with their products, turning Wikipedia into a dynamic and massive resource, and helping Lego to try and turn around its fortunes. Then from London, Justin Armsden brews up a challenge, as he tests the theories of Open Source with a beer test.

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