Ten Sports to explode with Backlash on May 14th

Mumbai, May 12, 2006: The Terrible Trio -- Cena, Triple H and Edge – will get involved in yet another hell-raising Battle of Fury. The mayhem is all set to explode on the WWE pay-per-view, Backlash on Sunday, 14th May 2006 at 11.00 pm on Ten Sports.

An annual WWE event, Backlash which started in 1999 has a huge fan following. Triple H is the only wrestler to have competed at every Backlash event with a win-loss record of 3-5 to date.


But the question that rankles all -- is the reigning champ, John ‘The Champ’ Cena indomitable? Though Cena has been pinned down by both Triple H and the Edge in the past, this match could just change the fortunes of the ‘Champ’. Whatever the outcome, this match will display perseverance, muscle power and ofcourse, bloodied faces, the hallmark of Backlash.

Also present will be rivals, McMohan with son Shane who will try to beat the life out of Shawn Michaels and his divine, imaginary partner ‘God’. The ‘Kane v/s Big Show’ match could prove true to the most gory tagline of WWE : ‘an eye for an eye’ as Kane could probably make a beeline for Big Show’s eyes! Is he good at gouging? Wait and watch!


By far, an interesting and entertaining match will be featuring the two most athletic superstars in WWE today -- Rob Van Dam and Shelton Benjamin -- in the Intercontinental Championship. The stakes are definitely higher in this winner-takes-it-all match.

And not to be left behind are the female contenders to WWE. – Trish ‘Psycho’ Stratus and Mickie ‘Cat’s claws’ James – who will provide with a heady combo of brain, brawn and beauty – a match with so much edge-of-the-seat action, you’ll hardly be able to lean back in your armchair!

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