Zee Cafe, Zee Studio to celebrate Mother's day on Sunday, 14 May

Zee Cafe line-up

3:30 p.m. - Friends (Season X)

On Emma's first birthday, Rachel convinces Monica and Chandler to delay their long-anticipated trip to Vermont to stay for the party. But complications ensue when the infant falls asleep--and a racy, adult birthday cake arrives. Meanwhile, when Ross dashes out to help Rachel, he leaves Joey in charge of keeping everybody locked in the apartment until they return with the right cake.

4:00 p.m. - Gilmore Girls (Season 2)

As Lorelai frantically prepares for her final examinations in business school, Rory secretly invites townspeople--including Richard and Emily--to Lorelai's graduation ceremony. Christopher gives Lorelai a special gift, and Sookie bakes a cake. Meanwhile, without telling anyone, Rory travels to New York, where Jess has been living since Luke sent him away. Everyone happily gathers for Lorelai's proud moment, but Rory is not there! Her bus is delayed by an accident, and she misses the graduation ceremony. Lorelai is upset until she realizes that Rory truly loves Jess. Rory doesn't believe that she could love anyone but Dean, but she is happy to celebrate Lorelai's graduation with her a little late.

5:00 p.m. - Caroline in the City

"Caroline and the visit from mom"

When Caroline's mother visits, Annie becomes upset at the blandness of their relationship and encourages Caroline to have a healthy fight as she and Angie do. When Caroline timidly tries to open up to her mom, Margaret reposts with a real shocker: she hates Caroline's comic strip. Meanwhile, Del and Charlie go to Atlantic City at the request of a potential investor, and Richard tags along for the free ride, desperately trying to finish the new John Grisham thriller while resisting everyone's determination to tell him the surprise ending.

Zee Studio "Mother's Day special" on the May 14 with 3 movies back to back

1) Mom's on strike at 3:30 p.m.

Pam Harris (Faith Ford) awakes every morning at 6:00 AM to make breakfast, pack lunches and drive the carpool before going to her 30-hour-a-week job. One day during the carpool on the way to school, she and her kids spot a group of picketing janitors. Pam explains to her kids that strikes aren't just about wages, they're also about getting more respect and appreciation.

When she arrives at work that morning, Pam's friend Ella gives her a birthday present. To her own surprise and eventual disappointment, Pam completely forgot her own birthday and so did her family. Ella assures Pam they are probably planning a surprise for her that evening. That night, Pam goes home to the monotony of her life: the kids complaining and her husband Teddy (Tim Matheson) is out with his colleagues celebrating his probable promotion. Later that night, when everyone is asleep, Pam sits down to work on her son's art project, but instead of drawing a picture on a piece of poster board, she writes: MOM ON STRIKE!

2) The Upside of anger at 5:30 p.m.

Cast: Kevin Coster and Joan Allen

When her husband unexpectedly disappears, a sharp-witted suburban wife and her daughters juggle their mom's romantic dilemmas and family dynamics.

3) Dancing at Lughnasa at 8 p.m.

Starring: Meryl Streep

A young boy tells the story of growing up in a fatherless home with his unmarried mother and four spinster aunts in 1930's Ireland. Each of the five women, different from the other in temperament and capability, is the emotional support system, although at times reluctantly, for each other, with the eldest assuming the role of a 'somewhat meddling' overseer. But then into this comes an elderly brother, a priest too senile to perform his clerical functions, who has "come home to die" after a lifetime in Africa; as well, there also arrives the boy's father, riding up on a motorcycle, only to announce that he's on his way to Spain to fight against Franco. Nevertheless, life goes on for the five sisters, although undeniably affected by the presence of the two men, they continue to cope as a close-knit unit... until something happens that disrupts the very fabric of that cohesiveness beyond repair.

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