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Mumbai March 22, 2006: April ONE is the infamous all fool’s day and ETC has decided to play the foolish pranks with none other then our film stars and their ilk.

These 3 minutes to 5 minutes interstitials will play on ETC all through 1st April from dawn to dusk. They are exclusive naive pranks played on innocent victims ………err artistes during the shoots of various regular shows like Star Giraftaar, ETC Super Mard, Pop KI Aandhi and ETC Haseena or Unscene. First victim was Shahid Kapoor who kept wondering about the identity of this weird Sardar Artiste from Punjab who wanted to take the name of his father, grand father and great grand father while announcing his own name for the viewer’s benefit. Who refused to be cordial enough to even acknowledge the presence of Shahid Kapoor although he had barged his way in during the shooting of Shahid’s show. So irritated was a very patient Shahid by the end of some 15 minutes that he decided to leave.

Another group to face the pain of April Fool’s day were Euphoria who were requested to leave the shoot midway because some very BIG STAR from Bollywood wanted to shoot with ETC then and there. Then Esha Deol and Akshay Khanna also fell for the fools day but all in good spirit.

But it was all fun and frolic by the end of it. They laughed and guffawed with the so called guests or rude intrusions sportingly. After all it was all done to tickle the funny bone of their fans.

So you can catch all the acts on ETC.. Stay tuned all through Saturday 1st April 2006 to catch the best of the artistes enjoying this special day. It’s the day to laugh and enjoy……….only with ETC.


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