Iomega expands REV product lineup

New Delhi, Thursday, March 9, 2006: Iomega, a global leader in data storage, today announced the Iomega® REV® Loader 280, an innovative new desktop autoloader for small business backup and archive duties. Utilizing superior removable technology created by Iomega with standard hard drive components, the Iomega REV® Loader 280 provides access to 280 GB* (560 GB compressed) of storage, managing up to eight removable 35 GB* REV disks in a compact desktop form factor - only 17cm tall and 13cm wide. This new autoloader design will cost approximately half as much as many competing automation tape products.

The new Iomega REV Loader 280 connects to a server through a USB 2.0 interface, making it easy to use as a backup and archive device for computers on a network, and far easier and less expensive than traditional SCSI-based tape drives. For small businesses that require professional grade backup with removable media, but desire a simple, hands-off solution, the desktop REV Loader 280 delivers automated, multi-disk data protection at a price similar to single tape drive solutions. Bundled with the REV Loader 280 is a license for CA BrightStor® ARCserve® Backup for Windows including support for disaster recovery.

"Today’s small businesses cannot take chances with their critical data," said Tom Kampfer, President and Chief Operating Officer, Iomega Corporation. "The new Iomega REV Loader 280 delivers the speed and convenience of a hard drive with the advanced backup protection of removable media in an automated, ‘no-touch’ data protection solution. The new Iomega REV Loader 280 is a backup kit in a box that includes everything a small business needs and delivers on our REV vision of ‘capacity without limits and backup without worries.’

"If disaster strikes and the server goes down," continued Kampfer, "searching for the right backup disk will become a worry of the past. The Iomega REV Loader, as instructed by the included BrightStor® ARCserve® Backup software from CA, will automatically load the correct disk and restore the system to its previous state."

REV Technology Costs Less and Works Faster

Unlike tape backup products that rely on fragile, slow and expensive linear-access technology, the REV Loader 280 drive uses durable 35 GB* REV disks based on hard disk drive technology. The Iomega REV Loader quietly loads disks as required for continuous, automated data protection. Reliable operation is possible even in dusty or dirty conditions where tape-based backup technologies could fail. Password protection and encryption provide additional data security. The REV Loader 280 is also dramatically faster than tape-based automation devices, delivering up to 25 MB/sec data transfer rates with random access capability. It out-performs many tape alternatives such as DDS-4 and DAT-72 while costing as little as half as much.

The Iomega REV® is a proven technology that is quickly becoming a business storage standard around the world. Iomega announced in February 2006 the 1 millionth REV disk shipped since the launch of REV technology in April 2004. In addition to the new desktop REV Loader 280, stand alone Iomega REV 35GB drives are currently available in external USB 2.0, FireWire®, internal SCSI, SATA and the REV Autoloader 1000 rack-mounted ten-disk automation device. REV products are available from a large base of value-added resellers (VARs) and systems integrators (SIs) that work directly with small businesses on their storage and data protection needs.

Compared to tape, REV products generally cost less and work faster, reducing backup times while delivering virtually unlimited rewrites per disk. REV disks provide an estimated archival life of 30 years. They are also highly portable (10 x 77 x 75 mm), durable and low cost.

This solid technical foundation gives the REV Loader 280 the reliability small business users require for backing up their essential data and successfully restoring it. Automatic backup verification ensures the integrity of data backups, and file restores from any disk are completely automated, eliminating the need to manually locate the "correct" disk. Archive capacity can also be increased as business needs warrant with additional REV disks.

Superior Backup and Disaster Recovery Software for a Complete Solution

CA’s BrightStor® ARCserve® Backup ships with every REV Loader 280, providing a complete backup and disaster recovery solution for small business users.

"It’s just as critical for SMBs to protect their growing volumes of data as it is for large enterprises, even though they typically have proportionally smaller budgets and a small number of IT staff to manage their backup operations," said Frank Jablonski, director of storage marketing at CA. "With CA’s BrightStor ARCserve Backup software providing essential backup automation and intelligence, Iomega’s new Rev Loader technology addresses this market need with a cost-effective, easy-to-implement drive-based data protection solution."

Price and Availability

The Iomega REV® Loader 280 desktop autoloader is expected to be available worldwide in early April. The suggested retail price in India would be Rs. 64,675.00. Iomega REV 35 GB disks are now available for about SRP Rs. 2864.62.

Iomega in India can be contacted at Iomega Asia Pte. Ltd. Apeejay Business Centre, 310 Apeejay House, 12 Haddows Road, Nugambakkam, Chennai 600006; Ph: 91-44-28224949; Fax: 91-44-28262447.

Iomega can be reached online at

* 1 GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes.

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