Spirituality & Management on Sanskar TV Presents Niranjan Hiranandani on 30 July at 1.40 pm

This weekend 'Spirituality And Management' on Sanskar TV is bringing Niranjan Hiranandani- MD ,Hiranandani Constructions to speak on meta physics and management, on leadership and on success & failures of the same.

Through his rich experience with life and business, Niranjan Hiranandani discusses the purpose of life. He explores the rational behind our activities and focus in life. He discusses the true meaning of self goal and ones aim in life, not to give up and pursue the end results. But he also advices not to leave the reality, swadharma and compassion behind while running to get what we want. As he says, "Success is a continuously moving target. God has never given everybody everything. Everybody has their share of good and bad times .Success is at a point of time and secondly it is relative."

Niranjan Hiranandani talks about leadership and true quality of a leader, he explains his principles in life, his mission and the role of spirituality in everyday like in the office and at home.

Watch all this and more on Sunday July 30th 2006 at 01 40 pm on Sanskar TV

Some of the administrative heads to appear and educate the populace about the relationship and dependency between spiritualism and administration are Vithal Kamat - CMD The orchid and Deena Mehta, a Chartered Accountant and MBA, Ram Jethmalani, Smriti Irani??..

Sanskar TV is a spirituality channel that imparts insight into humanity and goodwill. It is a free to air channel on Thaicom ? 3.

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