Illusion at its Freaky best on Star World

Mumbai, July 13, 2006…Exciting moments never cease on STAR WORLD! Go behind the scenes with today's most exciting master of surrealism in CRISS ANGEL: MINDFREAK. From levitating ordinary American citizens, to literally dangling by his skin from a helicopter one thousand feet above the Valley of Fire in Las Vegas, Criss Angel brings his extraordinary talents to the streets of America--live, unstaged and without the use of any camera tricks. And what's even better is that Star World will now bring these exciting feats to your television sets every Tuesday evening at 8 30 p.m.

Each mind-boggling episode of CRISS ANGEL: MINDFREAK captures the creative genius at work, preparing and training for his often death-defying feats. The 16 initial unprecedented episodes will captivate audiences with several extraordinary elements - reality, focusing on Angel's street demonstrations and the way people are mentally affected; surreality, a look into Angel's mind's eye as he contemplates his upcoming feats; and behind-the-scene glimpses - a candid and captivating look into Criss' secret world and the trials and tribulations Criss and his team face from the moment he conceives of impossible, death-defying stunts to the actual performances of those stunts.

This Tuesday, July 18th, tune in to Criss Angel as he takes on levitation. He executes amazing maneuvers, such as levitating up an escalator while not touching any part of it, and grabbing people off the street and completely levitating them off the ground. The other mind-blowing demonstrations this season include "Burned Alive," "Bullet Catch" (which will have Angel catching a bullet in a cup held by his mouth), and "Body Suspension" (featuring Angel suspended from a helicopter by four fish hooks through his skin while being flown over the Nevada desert). Special celebrity guests, such as Korn's Jonathan Davis (who also co-produced the show's theme music), Rob Zombie, Amazing Jonathan, Mandy Moore, Penn & Teller and Lance Burton will take part in the series.

"Utterly captivating! Fresh, seamless and filled with surprises! A devilishly clever, magical show!"

- The New York Post

"Fast-Paced And Fun! A splashy spectacle, engaging and eye popping!"

- New York Daily News

Dare to witness and get captivated this Tuesday evening with Criss Angel Mindfreak at 8 30 p.m. only on Star World and get freaked out!!!

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