'Tata Crucible - The Business Quiz 2006' India's Toughest Business Quiz is Back!

Cash Prize of Rs. 2 lakhs for the National Winning team!

Mumbai, July 06, 2006: Quizzical minds of the corporate world get cracking for yet another grueling season of mind-boggling battle of intellect! Having established itself as India's toughest business quiz over the past two years, the Tata Group is proud to announce the third edition of 'Tata Crucible - The Business Quiz 2006'.

July 2, 2006 witnessed quizmaster Giri Balasubramanium, a.k.a 'PickBrain', take centre stage at Jamshedpur for the first leg. After Kolkata (4th July) and Pune (6th July), the quiz will now travel to Mumbai (8th July), New Delhi (9th July), Hyderabad (11th July), Ahmedabad (14th July), Chennai (15th July), and Bangalore (16th July) culminating into the National finals in Mumbai on July 23, 2006 (Refer Annexure).

One of the main attractions of the quiz is that there is 'no entry fee' thereby providing ample opportunity for both the serious as well as the recreational quizzers to participate. This also ensures a greater diversity in the participant profile as they come from across sectors including media & entertainment, banking & financial institutions, advertising agencies and public sector institutions to name a few.

Those interested can register at www.tata.com and all the rules and regulations have been posted on the website. Briefly, any number of '2-member' teams can participate from the same organization. However each team will be allowed to participate only 'once' from any of the nine locations where the quiz is being held. Participants will be required to present proof of employment with photo ID in addition to their visiting cards.

Says, Mr. Romit Chaterji, Sr. Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Tata Services Ltd, "I am glad that we have succeeded in what we set out to achieve two years ago. With each year, we are getting closer to our audience and I am proud to say that 'Tata Crucible' is an established brand in Indian quizzing today. Our association with the quizmaster Giri has been very fruitful as we have managed to constantly update the Quiz every year with new and innovative quizzing formats and rounds. As we move ahead, we are confident that the Tata Crucible Quiz will increase in popularity and will extend its scale and scope well beyond its current reach."

What's new?

E Prelims: Based on the feedback and suggestions made by the contestants over the last couple of years, with respect to the number of teams being too high at Tata Crucible and a standard 20 question prelim making the margin for error too thin, this year's business quiz prelims will include 25 questions

E Format: As part of the 20:20 fair play format, which was a huge hit during the campus edition of the quiz early this year, this year's corporate quiz will factor a fair distribution of questions on the buzzer & non-buzzer rounds

E Industry Pick: The 20:20 grid will include 12 areas that the Tatas have a presence in comprising of questions from those industries (the questions may or may not be Tata specific)

E Crack the Code: This is a first time introduction to a national level quiz!

" This round will have a collection of questions in the grid that would require teams on stage to decipher from a given verse about a company, brand or individual from the world of business

" Teams would be given symbols to choose from, indicating that the questions are not direct but cryptic

" Example: Born in the year 1904,

French mother Sooni's second to adore,

Of Indian business I built the core,

In 1993 I was no more.

Say who I am and you will score!

Ans: JRD Tata

There are highly attractive cash prizes at stake, making 'Tata Crucible' one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the Indian quizzing calendar. The national winning team will walk away with a cash prize of Rs. 2,00,000 & a host of other exciting prizes from the Tata Group along with a beautiful trophy for each member. There are also fabulous prizes at each regional round for the audience from Titan, Westside and Tata Indicom to name a few. Additionally, Group companies such as Tata Motors, Tata Steel and Tata Asset Management are also partnering the event in order to make it an even bigger success.

For further information, please contact:

Suresh Rangarajan / Supriya Sonde

Vaishnavi Corporate Communications

Tel: 56568787 Fax: 56568788

Email: suresh@vccpl.com / ssonde@vccpl.com

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