Animax Presents ?Ani-Flix? - an Animation Movie Block Every Saturday Night!

MUMBAI, August 14:Animax, the animation channel for youth and young adults, presents ?Ani-Flix?, a hot new animation movie block on Saturday nights. The movies aired on Ani-Flix are blockbuster animation films. The block launches with its first movie this weekend, Saturday, 12th of August at 7 pm. . Ani-Flix is yet another aspect of the Animax channel refresh, designed to meet the growing appetite for high quality animation in India . Through this band, Animax will be airing movies that are more youth and young adult focused attracting a different target group. Movies aired on Ani-Flix will showcase revolutionary filmmaking that has unleashed a new trend in movie making involving spectacular animation sequences.

Animax has been a pioneer seeking to change the face of animation in India by offering Indian viewers animation for grown-ups, and not just cartoons for kids. Animax programming tends to be more developed, dramatic animated movies portraying human emotions and conflicts. These series attract viewers that want intelligent, substantial themes along with the fun in their animated entertainment.

On Saturday, 12th of August at 7 pm, Ani-Flix will premiere with ?Cowboy Bebop: Knocking in Heaven?s Door?. The movie follows the adventures of characters who are living on Mars in the year 2071. Just days before Halloween, a bomb rips through a tanker on Highway One, releasing what appears to be a biochemical weapon, leaving hundreds in the densely-populated city dead and injured. Fearing another, more deadly attack, the authorities post a hefty 300 million dollars reward for the bomber?s capture. And the down-and-out crew of the Cowboy Bebop Spaceshipcould surely do with a bit of the reward money. But as Spike, Jet, and the others arrive on Mars, they soon find themselves up against their most dangerous criminal yet?a madman determined to open the door to heaven, even if it means taking everyone on Mars with him.

Says Sunder Aaron, Country Manager, Animax , ? Indian youth and young adults are now becoming familiar with and getting addicted to watching top-flight animation on television, a trend that hit the West 10 years ago. With the onset of band programming, Ani-Flix will relay award winning marvels such as Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell - the inspiration for the Matrix movies, the international blockbuster Akira, the sci-fi thriller Appleseed ? a movie so hot that John Woo is producing the sequel - and many more. These movies, especially Appleseed, will not disappoint the eye. There is enormous attention to detail, reflections, shading and other small things. Many of the scenes, especially involving the giant city complex, look like art if you froze the frame. Ani-Flixs showcases exceptional movies that have young adult and mature content with edgy animation that should attract our target viewers. Our shift to broadcast only in English also presents these movies the way our viewers want to see them: our various user-groups expressed this preference to us in many ways, including online.?

Ani-Flix will air ?Inu Yahsa: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass? on Saturday, August 19th. Inu-Yasha and his friends can finally get on with their own lives after defeating their biggest foe, Naraku. Unfortunately, this peace is shattered by the emergence of an enemy far more dangerous than Naraku. Once again, Inu-Yasha, along with his friends and allies must come together to fight this new threat. But can they really defeat an enemy who is able to control time itself? And will Inu-Yasha stand a chance when black magic spells rob him of his humanity?

So stay tuned for Ani-Flix every Saturday night with an exclusive premiere on the 12th of August @ 7pm only on Animax: Be Different!

Animax Backgrounder:

Animax Asia owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment was launched on 1 January 2004 as the first 24-hour cable and satellite TV channel exclusively dedicated to Japanese animation (anime) programming. Animax now reaches over 25 million households* across Asia (including Japan), achieving the fastest regional roll-out among new channel launches in recent years. Animax is the destination for non-stop anime entertainment streamlining its programming strategy to target youths and young adults, as well as mature audiences with a youthful attitude. Animax features programmes of various genres, from action (Blood+, Trinity Blood) to sci-fi (Ghost in the Shell), romance (Paradise Kiss and Honey & Clover) to drama (Black Jack, Jigoku Shojo), and all time favorites (Dragon Ball) to provide viewers with the ultimate anime viewing experience.

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