Watch the Hulk in Hindi on 13th August as 9:15 am on Star Gold

Mumbai, August 7, 2006: He is going to capture the entire screen. The name says it all - ?The Hulk?. Catch the adventures of this 15-foot high, green skinned creature with massive strength in Hindi on Sunday, 13th August at 9.15 AM as part of Star Gold?s Weekend Matinee.

Directed by Ang Lee, The Hulk is a Marvel Comics character. Eric Bana stars as Bruce Banner, Jennifer Connelly as Betty Ross, Sam Elliot as General Ross and Josh Lucas as Talbot.

The Hulk is a superhero movie which is similar to monster movies like King Kong. It is a tragic figure trapped by fate into showing the inner beast whenever rage overwhelms him.

Bruce Banner (Eric Bana) ,a scientist, is exposed to a massive dose of radiation in a lab accident. He survives the accident but it changes his life completely. In a fit of rage, he is transformed into the Hulk

The movie has some spectacular special effects where the creature Hulk is an entirely computer-generated entity. His interactions with real people and objects are flawless.

Did you know?

The computer-generated Hulk required 100 layers of skin, 1165 muscle shapes which took the efforts of nearly 200 people for one and a half year.

Actor Eric Bana's first rage-filled transformation into Hulk took four takes. He was on the verge of collapse after that.

It was a deliberate decision to withhold showing Hulk in daylight until much later into the film, giving the audience the chance to get used to seeing him.

Catch the adventurous but tragic story of the incredible Hulk in Hindi on Sunday, 13th August at 9.15 AM on Star gold.

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