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Lord Shiva had told lord Brahma - "Anybody can realize me by having deep devotion towards me. A devotee can meditate upon me in the form of Linga with total devotion. It is only by deep devotion that a man can achieve true knowledge as well as salvation."


It is in his character as destroyer that Shiva holds his place in the triad, and in this he is identified with the Vedic Rudra. Another very important function appears, however, to have been assigned to him early on. In his modern worship, the role of a destroyer is especially exhibited in his consort Mahakali, whereas Shiva becomes a generative power, symbolized in the lingam.

The Vedic Shiva was frequently invoked as the lord of nourishment, to bestow food, wealth and other blessings. With the divine Soma, he was called the progenitor of heaven and earth, and is connected with the marriage ceremony, where he is asked to lead the bride to the bridegroom and make her prosperous.

In Shivalay been shown at Sanskar TV, divine chanting of slokhas glorifying Lord Shiva's magnanimity with visuals of aartis of famous Shiva Temples across India are presented to the viewers. It illuminates the Shiva within us.

Shivalay telecasts daily at 08:30 am on Sanskar TV.

Sanskar TV is a spirituality channel that imparts insight into humanity and goodwill. It is a free to air channel on Thaicom – 3.


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