C4-Sports Show scores major points with sports media industry

HUNT VALLEY, Md. ? Aug. 3, 2006 ? Attendees, exhibitors, and speakers at C4-Sports, the electronic media trade show dedicated wholly to sports technology, are expressing their support of the first-annual show held in Las Vegas July 17-19, which included an exhibition featuring many top technology vendors as well as the highly successful Future Media Concepts Conference, Sports Book Summit, HD on a Budget production, and the session series "Introduction to Content & Delivery Fundamentals."

"Being leaders in sports and the technology of sports, we thought this show was a terrific way to interact with both suppliers and customers and just be a part of the community," said Brian Bedol, president and CEO of College Sports Television (CSTV) and keynote speaker at C4-Sports. "These events often grow and gain momentum as people talk about them, and I believe C4 will become well known as a forum for people within the sports community to go to and focus on the use of technology in sports, rather than just technology."

"The idea of C4-Sports to just bring the sports community together seemed like a very interesting idea, and the timing was right for this type of event. The show was a chance to meet new people, talk about what we are doing, and learn from others about the variety of solutions out there that will help us to make good decisions in the future," said Ken Adelson, NBA Entertainment's senior vice president of production operations and planning.

IT, broadcasting, and video directors from many sports teams and athletic departments attended C4-Sports, including collegiate teams such as Penn State University and Florida State University, as well as professional football teams such as the Oakland Raiders and Buffalo Bills.

"With the advent of HD and the corresponding impact that it will have on each team, I felt that it was essential that we explore and acquaint ourselves with the technology that is available today and also try to get a clear perspective of those future technologies," said Henry Kunttu, video director for the Buffalo Bills. "This show was an ideal learning opportunity to visit the technology vendors and listen to the leaders who are defining the vision of sports media. It helped us create our media goals for the present and the future."

Attendees also included editors, writers, broadcasters, videographers, and Web and graphic designers from leading sports content creators and distributors.

"I think this conference was a fantastic opportunity to gain additional insight on ways to better reach our audience through technology, and in the process produce more appealing promotions and video display for our advertisers and consumers," said David Marshall Jr., senior designer at ESPN/ABC Sports. "ESPN is truly built on technology, and I am looking forward to taking back what I learned at C4-Sports, specifically the strengths of television and video, and applying them to my work on the ESPN Web site."

Harris Corporation provided all of the digital signage for C4-Sports, and joined well-known exhibitors such as Avid, Canon USA, Pioneer Electronics, and Sony in supporting the event.

"C4-Sports was a good way to reach the sports community that we normally don't reach. In one location, the show brought together many diverse people from different sporting organizations who were there to see the seminars, look at equipment and just be exposed to products and services that will add value to their offerings," said Rich Hajdu, Harris' Broadcast Corporation's vice president of graphics and post sales for the Americas.

"We were excited to be a part of the inaugural event, which brought together such a range of different types of manufacturers and providers and allowed members of the sports community to see various technologies that will help meet their range of needs and improve their programs. We enjoyed the opportunity to meet one-on-one with the end-users for our technologies," said Andre Floyd, marketing manager for SXRD Systems, Sony Electronics.

Gene Sanders, the show's general manager, felt C4-Sports was a successful beginning phase in uniting and servicing the needs of the sports community, and was pleased at the reaction to the show's exhibition, educational sessions, and networking opportunities.

"We are already making plans to use community reaction, as well as feedback of those who couldn't attend, to improve our brand and our offerings," said Sanders. "This event was only one service we will be providing to community members, as we plan to offer technology resource services, education services, technology demonstrations, and other industry needs in a manner that doesn't lose sight of our goal ? to keep our products accessible and focused."

To learn more about this year's show and hear comments from attendees, visit www.c4-sports.com.

About C4-Sports

C4-Sports is the only exclusive exposition and conference dedicated to the sports content industry. Attracting athletic directors, facility managers, sports broadcasters, coaches, and athletes from across the nation, it will provide exhibitors with the unique opportunity to network with these professionals. More than 5,000 sports professionals are expected to converge in Las Vegas on July 17-19 for this dynamic marketplace of sports technologies, products, services, and ideas. More information about C4-Sports is available online at www.c4-sports.com


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