UTV Bindass presents Beg Borrow Steal season 8

UTV Bindass presents Beg Borrow Steal season 8


Mumbai: Imagine you are in the middle of a deserted road, with a massive river on one side and thick dense forest on the other. To add to your woes the road ahead never seems to end and you don?t even have a ride. You have been handcuffed with a guy and have absolutely no cash on you. Seems overpowering right?

That?s exactly what Aaliyah would have to do as ?Beg Borrow Steal? returns with season 8- Born Separate, Stuck Together on UTV Bindass. This time around Aaliyah will try to undergo a journey across regions of North East India, travelling a whopping distance of 900Kms, in just 7 days! To add to her woes a new challenge is introduced in this season, in which Aaliyah would be handcuffed with a travel rookie ?Sahil Khattar?, who is a known face on Bindass and has been showcasing his funny side on shows like Date Trap and Chuski. The challenge for both, Aaliyah and Sahil is to figure out the doubly difficult tasks and make sure they do it effectively or they both will bear the impact of the crews? wrath. The tasks will be tough, the rewards meager and the punishments downright rough!

There would be a total of 7 legs in the whole travel for Aaliyah and Sahil, starting from Guwahati in Assam and ending in Moreh in Manipur. From crushing rice to driving a tractor, both will undergo a vicious round of tasks throughout their journey and if they are unable to complete any particular tasks on the way, they will be faced with a penalty that will have to be performed amidst the magnificent yet tough terrain of the North East.

Commenting on the launch of 8th season, Keith Alphonso, Business head, UTV Bindass, says, ?Enduring the harshest environments without a penny in the pocket and only a relentless drive for survival is what Beg Borrow steal has been about. With season 8 of the show, we take you through one of the most mysterious terrains in India, ?The North East?. We always mould the format in such a way that it brings that extra zest in the show and provides an amazing sense of adventure to the contestants and the viewers involved as they embark on the adventurous journey.?

Commenting on the new season of Beg Borrow Steal, Aaliyah said, ?I have been a part of Beg Borrow Steal since its inception. I have seen the show raise the bar over these seasons, however, this season is going to be a crazy one! Being handcuffed with a guy through 900 Kms? Impossible! Not only is the journey going to be a challenge but will also gives me the task to learn to be patient and equally efficient even when dealing with claustrophobia of being constantly tied up!, I hope Sahil can keep pace with me, or else the going will get really tough!?

?It?s the first time I will be part of the adventures of Beg Borrow Steal. Being handcuffed for 900kms with Aaliyah surely sends jitters down my spine. I have no clue how I am going to cope up with such a pro, especially when we have to beg borrow or steal to complete our tasks. But on the brighter side I am very excited and absolutely ready to take the bull by its horns!? said Sahil Khattar on being the newest handcuffed twist to the show.

While season 7 saw Aaliyah?s unending journey to the Rann of Kutch, this time get ready to witness some team play, as Aaliyah and Sahil get ready to tread into the daunting terrain of the North East.

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