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Inside Programming: Shaheen

The Making



We have often seen little capsules of the making of a Hollywood film on one of the English movie channels. One cannot recall a single television channel which has studied what went into the making of a TV programme and aired it as a short film. The process of getting a show onto television is not easy, ask any TV producer and he will surely agree. decided to do a series of articles to examine what goes into the making of a series. correspondent Harish Patil travelled to Bhopal and stayed with the crew for two days to get behind the scenes with the Shaheen unit. He discovered that it's all work and no play. While the actors may look glamorous on the TV screen, they actually have to go through the grind of takes and retakes, of sleepless nights, of memorised lines, of upset stomachs, and non-stop day-long filming. Read on to understand what goes into the making of a TV serial produced for Sony Entertainment Television.



Ajay Shah

Production House

Arvishi Cine Vision


Pravesh Bhardwaj

Star cast

Sushma Seth
Bhaveen Gossain
Juhi Parmar
Amit Behl
Tara Mehta
Naved Aslam
Abha Dhulia
Vandana Sajnani
Manasi Upadhyay
Ravikiran Shastry
Neena Cheema
Abhay Puniani
Rujuta Shah
Mahesh Kanwal
Lopa Bhatt
Malhar Kaushik



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