's Perspectives Archives - 2004

Making inroads into the hinterlands
*ITC's e-choupal: The town mouse reaches the village
*'In order to reach the Indian markets, corporates may have a global strategy but they have to think locally in terms of communication'
R V Rajan - Anugrah Madison chairman and managing director
( 23 October 2004)


Indian PR agencies get proactive and how!
*Not so hunky dory after all
*The essential ingredients required to transform a PR agency into a PR consultancy is that the PR professionals should have a better knowledge on brand management.
Siddhartha Mukherjee - Eikona associate director
( 31 August 2004)


Wireless - the new Smart Money Spinner
*A step ahead...
*The cell phone user as consumer - An advertising perspective
*'As a broadcaster with 200 million viewers, we should be able to control at least 50% of all valued added SMSs sent'
Sumantra Dutta - Star India wireless business development head
( 14 - 16 July 2004)

* DTH players target 33% of cable TV market in 2 years
*What's cooking on Dish TV?
*Can Star power say Tata to Zee's Dish, DD?
*Prasar targets April launch
*FAQs regarding DTH

*The International Scenario
*Fact that we have over 100,000 subscribers shows that people don't just want to see the so-called popular channels
Punit Goenka- ASC Enterprises Ltd group president and CEO
( 9 - 11 March 2004)

TV Prod Houses: For better or for worse?
*Coming up next...
*"Skills required to get a film off the ground, market and distribute it are completely different from television"

Nittin Keni- Zee Telefilms Ltd. Film Division CEO
(10 - 11February 2004)


FM Radio: Is anyone listening?
*Radio Stations: What the fight's all about........
*"Radio's share in the ad pie will grow to six or seven per cent in four to five years"
A P Parigi- MD & CEO, Entertainment Network (India) Limited
(16 January 2004)


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