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Programme Synopsis

HELLO FRIENDS Sundays at 11:30 IST

Nikhil, Simone Singh, Deepak Parashar, Anjoo Mahendroo
Synopsis: This sophisticated comedy is about a group of six lovable, humourous, fun-loving friends and their adventures and mis-adventures. Sanjana is a serious level-headed fashion designer. One thing that she can`t stand is untidiness. Penny is an aspiring singer/ musician. She has a completely whacky sense of humour. Maya is a millionairess who runs away her marriage altar to avoid marrying a rich dentist who her father loves but she doesn`t she comes and joins Sanjana and Penny. Opposite their flat, live Cyrus and Rahul, their close buddies. Cyrus is an executive in an office. Rahul is struggling model /actor. The sixth friend is Vikram who is also Sanjana's brother. Vikram is a computer programmer. He is a forever-depressed man. The six friends share a great camaraderie and always help to ease each other's problems, be they financial, professional, personal, marital or problems of love. One moment they could be flirting with each other while the very next moment they could be fighting. However, nothing and nobody could ever come between them or break their bond of closeness that they share. Their favourite haunt and meeting place is a cosy restaurant called "Uncle Sam's cafe". The roly - poly, jolly owner, uncle Sam is also a close friend of the group of six. Treated throughout with good humour and comedy, this serial is about friendship, love, sharing and caring. In other words, to live in love and laughter.


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