Nahar Group launches campaign featuring luxury and lifestyle

MUMBAI: Mumbai based real estate behemoth Nahar Group has launched a new campaign that is getting a fair bit of attention.

Based on an acronym, LSF for Life Style Factor, the campaign features luxury and lifestyle images but features kids instead of adults. The copy completes the message - Upgrade your child's LSF.

One of the reasons the campaign has struck a chord is probably because Mumbai has seen a drastic decline in the amount open spaces in the past few years, owing to the construction boom. As a result, children in Mumbai often struggle to find a place to play.

The campaign communicates at several levels. It gives a message that the kid's definition of lifestyle is very different from that of an adult's. Also, it underlines the message that kids don't need fancy cars or clothes to be happy. What they need is - lots of place to play and lots of friends - something they can get at Nahar Amrit Shakti.

Nahar Group  vice chairperson Manju Yagnik said , "The LSF campaign talks to the parents from the perspective of their children. We make them aware how important it is to give their children the best of lifestyle. We back the concept by offering an array of amenities that raise the LSF of children at our Nahar's Amrit Shakti project at Chandivali. Starting from a 5 lakh sq. ft. podium garden, swimming pool for kids, life-sized chess and snakes & ladders and more."

Scarecrow Communications founder director Manish Bhatt added, “The LSF campaign adds a fresh perspective to real estate advertising. It is both clutter-cutting as it stays away from the formula of showing the property facade. From a creative perspective, it is interesting as it takes a subtle dig at real estate advertising that features fake luxury shots of adults."

The campaign is running across print, digital, outdoor and radio. For instance, one radio spot talks about how a kid wants to be reincarnated as a polar bear so that he can enjoy vast expanses of open spaces to frolic around.

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