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Takahata gets Honorary award at Annecy Animation FilmFest in France

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By Team Posted on : 23 Jun 2014 03:23 pm

NEW DELHI: Renowned animator Isao Takahata has been given the honorary award at the Annecy Festival in France to celebrate his career and contribution to animation.
An acclaimed filmmaker has created a number of master works including Grave of the Fireflies, Pompoko and My Neighbours the Yamadas.
Along with Hayao Miyazaki and the Tokuma Shoten company, he also founded studio Ghibli, producer of international successes as Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away and The Wind Rises.
Festival Artistic Director Marcel Jean said at the conclusion earlier this week: "Filmmaker of an exceptional scale, Mr Takahata is also a great humanist whose work has become a reference for those who believe in the greatness of animation as a cinematic art form."
His latest film, The Tale of the Princess Kaguya, was screened in his presence at the Festival opening ceremony.
The Haras Theatre in quaint centre ville Annecy was a buzz as the final prizes and special mentions were announced to a full house of festival goers and industry insiders.
The other award winners were:
1.    Award for originality and humour Kod fotografa
Director: Vatroslav MIMICA
Country: Croatia
2.    Award for originality and humour
Krava na mjesecu
Director: Dusan VUKOTIC
Country: Croatia

3.    Grand Prix
Lev a písnicka
Director: Bretislav POJAR
Country: Czech Republic

4.    International Critics' Award
Director: John HUBLEY, Faith ELLIOT
Country: United States

5.    Award for social interest and graphic research
O misto na slunci
Director: Frantisek VYSTRCIL
Country: Czech Republic

6.    Award for musical score and sound effects
Director: Dusan VUKOTIC
Country: Croatia

7.    Children's film Award
Petya i krasnaya shapochka
Director: Boris STEPANTSEV
Country: Russia

8.    Award for its humanitarian theme and graphical research
Director: Jiri BRDECKA
Country: Czech Republic

9.    Award for aesthetic research
Prelude pour voix, orchestre et caméra
Director: ARCADY
Country: France

10.    Award for poetry and popular art
Vlyublennoe oblako
Director: Roman KATCHANOV, Anatole KARANOVITCH
Country: Russia

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