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Quentin Tarantino to publish script of 'The Hateful Eight' after it gets leaked online

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By Team Posted on : 22 Jan 2014 05:42 pm

MUMBAI: Quentin Tarantino, who won the Best Original Screenplay Oscar last year for Django Unchained, is extremely upset that the script of The Hateful Eight has leaked online and now instead of making the film; he will publish the script.


The filmmaker reportedly is “depressed” as he didn’t want to shoot it until next winter and had just given the first draft to six people from where it got out.


Tarantino learned of the leak after his agent started getting calls from other agents trying to get their clients in the film. Tarantino doesn’t know who leaked the script, but he has his suspicions.


But the filmmaker’s fans shouldn’t be upset as now they will have a well-published script from him.

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