‘Kis Kisko Pyaar Karu:’ Time pass

Kapil Sharma has made a reputation on television as a comic entertainer. Director duo, Abbas Mustan, who started off with Gujarati films, made their mark in the Hindi film industry with a thriller, Khiladi (1992), inspired by Khel Khel Mein (1975), which met with reasonable success. The duo stuck to the formula with Baazigar (1993) and Daraar (1996) both of which were major hits. Since then, they expanded their field and got into other genres; mainly action. Kis Kisko Pyaar Karu is their first foray into the comedy genre.

In an era when a comedian need not be just a gap filler in a mainstream film, they have a ready ‘star’ in Kapil, who is at his peak on television. And a story is woven around a pure heart man, Kapil, who is talked into three marriages while all along, he loves a fourth girl. Comedy and logic are better not mixed up and you are likely to enjoy such a film. The film’s theme is similar to Saajan Chale Sasural (1996) where Govinda is trapped between two girls.

Out of circumstances Kapil marries three girls - Manjari Phadnis, Amrita Puri and Simran Kaur Mundi, while he actually loves Elli Avram who was aboard while all this happened.

Kapil has married the first one because she dropped a box of medicines she was carrying for her father lying on a hospital bed. He helps her pick up the stuff and walks into the hospital ward hand in hand with her. The girl’s dying father takes him to be her choice, blesses them and passes off before he can protest. The second one is spotted by him committing suicide while running away from her don brother, Arbaaz Khan. Arbaaz is stoned deaf because he shot his eardrums by mistake! Just when he has saved her, Arbaaz and his goonies arrive on the scene and Arbaaz likes her ‘choice’ instantly and makes him marry her at gunpoint. The third one he marries because his friend cons the girl’s family of Rs 50 lakh for marrying the girl but sends Kapil’s picture as the groom to be. Kapil goes to attend the wedding of his friends but ends up marrying her instead. 

Thrice married, Kapil is at loss as to how he could be present at three places to keep his wives happy. All of them stay in suburbs far apart. Kapil is wealthy and on the advice of his lawyer friend, Varun Sharma, he locates all his three wives in the same building, ironically called Cocktail Towers and, as a buffer, also buys a flat for Varun in the same complex. He spends a night each with his three wives, working two night shifts after a day shift being his explanation. 

Kapil’s shuttling between three homes in same building takes its toll on him and the situation gets tricky when all three meet by accident and become friends. To add to that, his divorced parents, Sharat Saxena and Supriya Patha land up in the city. Both are accommodated in different homes. But, they too meet in the complex garden and their love rekindles. 

These are the events, which add to the fun part. But Kapil is hell bent on adding to his troubles still wanting to marry his heartthrob, Elli. This is notwithstanding her father, Manoj Joshi, who is always suspicious of him. That is when the bubble bursts. 

The script is a bit tricky in that the writers would know they are contriving one. But, then, there would be no Kapil show on TV without such liberties. Abbas Mustan, who have been out of limelight awaiting a success, are back in the reckoning though with this limited budget film. The film has some good lines to make one laugh. Musical score is fair. Other aspects are in keeping with the film.

The film rests mainly on the shoulders of Kapil and, though one takes a while to get used to watching him on big screen, he manages to make his presence felt reliving his TV role on the backed by a longer script. The girls are all okay since they are incidental to the project. Arbaaz shines by underplaying his don thing. Sharat and Supriya add to the fun. Karan is good. Elli Avaram is okay.

Kis Kisko Pyaar Karu is a clean and fair entertainer which is, certainly a good deviation from Kapil’s TV shows. A good family fare. Having opened with very good response, the film can well be expected to break even during its first weekend.

Producers: Ganesh Jain, Ratan Jain, Abbas-Mustan.

Directors: Abbas Mustan

Cast: Kapil Sharma, Elli Avaram, Manjari Phadnis, Amrita Puri and Simran Kaur Mundi, Supriya Pathak, Sharat Saxena, Manoj Joshi, Varun Sharma, Jamie Liver, Arbaaz Khan

Time Out:’ Decent debuts

The title, Time Out reveals nothing about the film till you watch it as the relationship between two brothers faces a time out. This can be termed as a contemporary film in the Indian context though it is blended well with Indian families and traditions and society. Log kya kahanege - the fear of what the society will react is the deterrent when a family loses its balanced facade.

The film is about an upscale Delhi NCR family of four with a modern outlook. Husband, wife and two very loving and happening sons in Chirag Malhotra and Pranay Pachauri. Pranay is the older of the two who dotes on his younger brother while Gaurav, the younger one idolises him. With a working mother and not so occupied father, the boys chart their own way in life. 

The school is the international kind in vogue lately. The atmosphere is straight out of early Archie comic era. Boys and girls fall in love early, smooch and neck on the campus. Also, the school encourages extracurricular activities as much as studies.

While Chirag is good at strumming a guitar and crooning, Pranay leads the school volleyball team. Pranay is the inspiration for Chirag till one day he discovers a thing about his older brother, which shatters him.

Chirag is upset when the girl he is attracted to in his class, Riya Kothari, does not accept his love for her readily. He leaves his crooning rehearsals and heads home early only to discover his older brother, indulging in something he can’t accept. Not used to the concept, he is shattered and withdraws himself from all concerned. He refuses to talk to his brother and snaps at the girl he loves. 

Pranay, while having different orientations, also pretends to be close to a girl, Sanya Arora. Eventually, she is the one who edges him to own it up to his way of life and talk to his parents. He does and the whole world breaks loose. The so called upscale parents would have nothing of it. The school has no issues, the volley ball coach thinks nothing of it. However, it is all about Gaurav, the very beloved kid brother of Chirag and the family to accept it. 

The later part of the film is all about acceptance. Though it sags at times compared to the earlier events, it is inevitable in telling of this story. 

Considering Time Out boasts of an all new cast and technicians, it is a bold effort. In fact, the film is cute in parts. The international school ambience may have been exaggerated a bit but serves its purpose. 

Direction is generally good though it mixes up the annual day of a school with students in uniforms also attending daily chores. Script and the idea are welcome. Music is soothing in most parts and youth oriented. Locations are pleasant to eye. Cinematography is praiseworthy. Editor has little scope as the film has a tolerable length. 

The performances are good all round but, because of the weightage of their roles, Chirag and Pranay score closely followed by Riya and Sanya. 

Time Out is not a well promoted film. However, it is worth a watch.

Producers: Sachi Sharma, Rikhil Bahadur, Viacom Motion Pictures.

Director: Rikhil Bahadur

Cast: Chirag Malhotra, Pranay Pachauri, Sanya Arora, Riya Kothari, Aditya Jain, Raunaq Chopra

Calendar Girls:’ Insufferable

Once upon a time, companies printed more calendars than people needed. Then came restrictions by law on such expenses and then came recession. A time came when one had to request their banks and such for a wall calendar or two! Then came along a liquor baron whose bashes to launch his calendars were more famous than the calendars; people saw and read about his parties but not the calendars ever! 

Madhur Bhandarkar has this formula where he uses a woman or a bunch of women to wound his scripts around. He has this mixer grinder in which he puts the script of his Page 3, presses some buttons and thinks he is ready with his new script. What comes out may be good enough for Madhur, but, alas, not for the viewers!

The project was bouncing around in the market for a long time but, strangely, he found some backers eventually! 

How long can you sell the idea of girls from the hinterlands of India (one being a Pakistani, too) striving to make it big in twinkle town, Mumbai and, then, show them being exploited by every person of social standing and repute?

A big shot called Suhel Seth is launching his annual calendar a la the alcohol baron of yore. No sooner is the calendar launched, the five girls on the calendar become celebrities. Film offers pour in, they are made chief guests at events and the works. 

The rest of the film follows set formula of Madhur’s films. The exploitation of the girls is what the film is about. One meets a tycoon who proposes to her on first look while she is in Jodhpur. Her older sister, who also happens to be around for inexplicable reasons, suggests she accept it. Her husband is a debauch but what the hell! She is the bahu of a rich family, which counts among fifty richest in the country!

The other one’s career is stalled by an event manager, who boasts of laying her and gets slapped instead. She finds and alternative career as a TV anchor. The third falls prey to an anti-Pakistan movement and is forced to take to high profile prostitution; she dies a sad death. One from Kolkata meets up with her ex-flame who runs an event management company handling some star cricketers (who look like WWF wrestlers or worse) wants to make it big through betting during the next IPL and move to the US. One of his cricketer ‘run machines’ wants to sleep with his girl and talks her in to doing it for the sake of their future! And, the last one knows better PR than any professional who, while ordering bouquets for others, also asks her secretary to order a cheap bouquet for her driver so she could click a selfi with and post it on her social network to show the world how much she cares for her underlings! 

Actually, describing this film is quite an ordeal. Nothing works here, the script, the direction, the loud music, and the performances. For most of its footage, there is no decent or watch worthy face on the screen, be it men or women. The calendar girls are a put off to start with. The supporting cast is even worse. 

Calendar Girls is insufferable. 

Producer: Sangeeta Ahir

Director: Madhur Bhandarkar 

Cast: Akanksha Puri, Avani Modi, Kyra Dutt, Ruhi Singh, Satrupa Pyne, Rushad Rana, Mita Vashisth

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