Shyam Benegal will make a 90 minute feature for Punjab government

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By Team Posted on : 28 Mar 2014 02:04 pm

MUMBAI: One of the most renowned filmmakers in Hindi cinema, Shyam Benegal will be making a 90-minute film on the turbulent history of Punjab, a task which has been entrusted on him by the Government of Punjab.

Benegal is known for some of his brilliant work in Hindi cinema, just to name a few: Ankur (1974), Bhumika: The Role (1977), Kalyug (1981), Mandi (1983), Zubeidaa (2001) and more recently Well Done Abba! (2009).

He will be starting off with the work by monsoon as soon as he is ready with the script and is expecting the film to be ready by December. He feels the project is a great initiative by the government as a lot of youngsters aren't aware about the formation of the present-day Punjab.

The film will first be screened at the cultural centre, and later will be available on other platforms for viewing.

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