'Dimag ki batti jala de' - Mentos' new TVC

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(21 February 2008 7:00 pm)

Famous poet and writer Martin Dansky once said, "Change is at the very core of evolution and without it, all creatures would look alike and behave the same way."

Mentos mint's new TV commercial is here to prove the same.

Mr Chimp has no brains you see. He gets bullied by Mr Donkey, the authorised owner of all the brains on earth. While Mr Donkey, "Daddu" of the huge but cute ape, enjoys his ride on the wheel-less cart, our pitied forefather slaves to pull the heavily loaded wood piece through the stony rugged jungle road. But how is it possible? After all we, the mortal souls, are the most intelligent wonders of the world! And we belong to Mr Chimp's family lineage!

Wait!!! Be a bit patient. Let Ad Pick unfold the story to you first.

Our history books say that the evolution of mankind took place through various stages. Remember the picture in that square box which showed our dear heavy little ape finally becoming a two-legged man from a four-legged animal? Yes you do. But how did this happen? Who whirled the magic wand? Did mother fairy touch our would-be alter ego with her magic stick? Come on. No use going back to your 4th-standard history books. They don't have the answers. Then who does!!! Let Ad Pick do the honours of unfurling the secret to you. And here it comes.

When Mr Donkey is absolutely tired of enjoying the joy ride he decides to take some rest. Both the slave and the master park themselves under a tree where Daddu's poor pitiful grandson finds a little pack. It has "Mentos" written on it. Mr Chimp offers the little pack to his master but the ruthless master rejects it and goes off to sleep.

Mr Chimp is tempted. He opens the pack, stares at the white thing inside, smells it and finally allows his mouth to engulf it. Within seconds, transformation is witnessed. He starts running, not on four, mind you, but two. Surprised!

While running, he decides to get civilized, and hence covers his hush-hush zones to maintain some confidentiality.

He enters a cave. It's dark inside. The chimp-turned-caveman lights some fire striking two stones against one another. But he does not stop; he keeps running as though he were running in the Olympics! And finally when he reaches the cave-end "there is light" and he, the "enlightened." Now, as he leaves the darkness behind allowing the light of wisdom to fall upon him, he encounters Daddu once again. That wicked fella is still under the same tree. While Mr Chimp had transformed into a civilized mortal being, our "intelligent" could witness no such change.

Reason? It's Mentos, ladies and gentlemen!!! The brain stimulator... rejected by the grass-eater and devoured by our brain-meter. Dimag ki batti jala de!

But what's on the penalty plate for Mr Ass?

Well, now it's his turn to pull the new-born Mr Intelligent, happily riding his stony cart while it rolls on his freshly invented round wheel. Sorry Daddu.

Review: Well, TV commercials can be classified under various categories. While some belong to the genre of absolute non-sense, some fit into the family of intelligent, bizarre and humorous ads. But when it comes to the TVCs of Mentos, they could only be defined as intellect stimulants - bizarre in concept and humorous in essence. Yes, the new commercial of Mentos is not an absolute original. It smacks of Shrek, and the evolution scene reminds one of Fatboy Slim's "Right Here, Right Now" video. But still the commercial succeeds in carrying a pinch of wacky fun in it along with its elixir of intelligent oddness.

When discussing TVCs, ITC Ltd head of marketing Hemant Malik said, "A commercial is an immediate success when it goes un-ignored."

Same goes for Mentos' new TVC. It is faithful to its tagline Dimag ki batti jala de!

You can either love it or hate it. That's your call. But when it comes to ignoring it… the answer is a big fat NO.

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Production house: Soda Films
Running time: 51 seconds
ITV rating: * * * *

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