Renton D’Sousa calls it a day at Triton

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By Team Posted on : 25 Mar 2014 10:55 am

MUMBAI: “Paani Ka Doctor” is synonymous with the leading water purifier brand. But for everyone at Triton and some outside it, the man who created such properties and many more has decided to call it a day.

Commenting the development, Ali Merchant, Director Triton said “Renton has been with us for over a decade and contributed to some solid and memorable brand building creative work for our clients. At the same time he has been responsible in the professional development of Triton especially for the people that have worked with him. His ‘never say die’ spirit will always be remembered. I will miss him at work and will remain his friend for all time to come. I wish him the very best in his next endeavour. I am sure he will do us proud”.

Echoing Ali’s sentiments, Munawar Syed, Director Triton said “ Renton, a multi talented individual has been a key contributor to Triton’s rise and stability over many years. Such talent feeds on new challenges, new experiences and Renton’s stepping out from the warmth of Triton is in keeping with his desire to explore new horizons. I wish him a smooth journey”.

Whilst the man in the hot seat very humbly stated “It’s been almost 12 years of brand building with some of the most wonderful people in the advertising industry at Triton. And that starts with Ali Merchant and Munawar Syed. Looking back, it has been over 30 years of ingenuity. And at times reinventing the game to increase market share of brands. More importantly, changing consumer behavior. It’s now time to pause and take a short sabbatical. Catch up with life!”.


Prior to joining Triton over 10 years ago, Renton was the creative head of a few units at Lintas Mumbai. He has also been associated with Contract and Mudra. Matter of time before we hear of his new endeavour.

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