Brands need to be honest, says Digital Law & Kenneth’s Anil Nair

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By Priyanka Nair Posted on : 10 Jun 2014 06:46 pm

MUMBAI: Those in the habit of not taking digital agencies seriously may want to do a rethink on that one, given the sheer number of campaigns being recognised at various industry events and awards ceremonies.

A case in point is Digital Law & Kenneth, whose campaign fetched it the top honours at the recently concluded GoaFest.

In conversation with, the agency’s CEO and managing partner Anil K Nair spills the beans on the award winning campaign, the changing digital ecosystem, the future and everything in between...

How have marketers’ demands from social changed in recent years?

Marketers have realised the growing power of social if done the right way. After having dabbled with social through its initial adoption, marketers are now looking at advanced uses of social i.e. lead generation, CRM, crowd sourcing, trend forecasting and the like.

Elaborate on the Tata Capital ‘Half stories- The journey of doing right’ campaign that fetched you the Grand Pix at GoaFest?

The Tata Capital ‘Half Stories’ campaign was a magical one. A campaign devised to bring alive the core proposition of "We do what’s right for you".

It was a crowd sourced, live action, social media reality show that travelled all the way from Dharamsala to Guwahati. All through this serendipitous drive, we discovered Half Stories of fortitude, courage and hope. We then invited people to participate in making the "Half Stories" of these courageous people complete by donating, supporting or simply popularising the cause on social media and through their networks.

The idea was to inspire people to ‘Do Right’ by demonstrating the effect of philanthropy first hand.

With the digital category grabbing attention at industry events like GoaFest, what do you think agencies should keep in mind to be consistent and innovative?

There are opportunities galore for brands to meaningfully engage with their consumers. Agencies need to be alert to such passing opportunities and be ready to grab them with both hands. Also, agencies and clients need to create an infrastructure and ecosystem to be able to have a real time dialogue with their fans and consumers.

What are the key things that brands should keep in mind to build a healthy social conversation?

Brands need to be honest and use their heart more than their brain. Also, the conversation has to be about the consumer rather than the brand.

What according to you makes a ‘hit’ campaign on social media?

If you can make the idea shareable, you would have hit the jackpot.

How do you think the Indian digital ecosystem will shape up in coming years?

I am very gung ho about the way our digital ecosystem is shaping up. Expect many more path-breaking campaigns across brands in the times to come. Our general digital market ecosystem is fast attaining some level of maturity which will hopefully see a lot of mature work which goes beyond traditional banner innovations and Sholay rip-offs.

How has the year 2014 been for Digital Law & Kenneth so far?

It’s been fantastic. Our hard work over the last few years has paid off. We have a young vibrant team that lives and breathes digital while understanding traditional brand building frameworks. We have some really interesting campaigns lined up that will see the light of day in the months to come.

What is on top of your wish list for the months to come?

A world beating case study, a few Effies and Cannes, happy clients and, a super happy team – that’s all I wish for. Touche.

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