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Red FM’s ‘Dabaa Ke Bajaa’ campaign urges to press the button

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By Team Posted on : 21 Apr 2014 03:12 pm

KOLKATA: Be it television or radio, everyone is playing their part in urging people to go out and vote. Similarly, with an aim to advise people to press for vote, the radio network, 93.5 Red FM has launched the campaign ‘Dabaa ke Bajaa’ across the country.


“Dabaa Ke Bajaa’ is our attempt at channelising the energy of the people in all parts of India into one simple, and yet difficult act- pressing the button on the voting machine,” says 93.5 Red FM COO Nisha Narayanan.


The radio channel’s RJ Praveen has been announced as Kolkata’s official youth ambassador by Election Commission for this year’s campaign - ‘Dabaa ke Bajaa’ - targeting at increasing voter participation.


RJ Praveen along with other RJs also did a flashmob on the channel’s anthem for the campaign.


Red FM, being the ‘Station for Expression’ has always encouraged people to come out and talk. “We are proud to have been associated with the Election Commission of India on this. The insights and associations that they bring to the campaign are invaluable,” adds Narayanan.


Talking about the initiative in details, the COO further says, “Red FM RJs will continue to pledge to vote by using the ‘Dabaa ke Bajaa’ app and flashmobs in malls across the city like Avani Mall, Quest Mall and colleges along with RJ Praveen. The idea is to support the Election Commission of India in urging people, especially the first time voters, to come out on the polling day, and press the button of the voting machines.”


“The initiative is likely to receive a sprawling response especially among the first time voters. It is the best marketing strategy of connecting with citizens with a motto in mind and reminding them of ‘Bajaate Raho!” concludes a city-based analyst.

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