Oakley unveils new brand movement with One Obsession campaign

One Obsession survey shows 40% of athletes would rather excel at their sport than at work

MUMBAI: Oakley recently launched another chapter of the ONE OBESSION campaign which encourages you to make room for your sporting passions, be it sacrifices in your family-life, career or friendships.

Oakley created the One Obesession athlete survey that examines the behaviors and lifestyles of “The Obsessed”, the committed everyday athletes who tirelessly pursue their sport to find true insights into what drives them.

The campaign showcases that it’s not just about winning and losing. It’s about the journey and the lengths you’ll go for your sport, and we want to celebrate all of it.

The One Obsession campaign looked at each of the daily routines to the biggest sacrifices be it time, careers or relationships.

The findings were very revealing about what’s ok in the name of obsession:

They know what work-life balance is all about

- 40 per cent of employed athletes would rather excel at their sport than at their job

- 23 per cent of employed athletes say their sport is more important than receiving awards or recognition at work

The Obsessed are willing to make sacrifices

- One-third (34 per cent) of athletes who have made sacrifices have let go of romantic relationships for their dedication

- 29 per cent of athletes who have made sacrifices think they have given up financial success for athletic excellence

- 51 per cent have trained on their birthday and 40 per cent have worked out on major holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving

For committed athletes, their sport is always on their mind

- Over in 9 in 10 (91 per cent) think about their sport at least once a day

- 21 per cent say they would be ‘completely lost’ without their sport

- 15 per cent simply ‘don’t feel like themselves’ when they are not doing their sport

Whether they are cyclists, golfers, skiers and snowboarders, runners and triathletes, or motorsport athletes, their sport is at the heart of their identity.

A Day in the Life of The Committed

Maximising time is everything for these athletes. Nearly two thirds (62 per cent) wake up before 6 am to ensure time for their sport, and over a quarter (27 per cent) rise before 4 am.

Runners and triathletes are the earliest risers, with 72 per cent waking up before 6 am, followed by cyclists (58 per cent) and action sports athletes (57 per cent).

Commitment and obsession constitute 365 days a year for these athletes. More than half (51 per cent) have trained on their birthday, and 40 per cent have played their sport on a major holiday, like Christmas or Thanksgiving. 15 percent have even broken a sweat on their wedding day.

“Early to bed, early to rise” is crucial, with committed athletes getting an average of seven hours of sleep each night. 40 per cent go to bed before 10 pm each night, and nearly a quarter (23 per cent) actually get into bed before 9 pm.

The Benefits of Obsession

Athletes recognise the positive benefits their sport brings to their lives. 42 per cent say their sport provides balance in their life, and one third (33 per cent) say they play their sport because it’s the best way to alleviate stress. In fact, 24 per cent admit they’re able to sort through most of their personal issues when they’re training.

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