'Life Insurance' - Max New York’s new TVC


She is just back from her shopping spree. She rushes towards the apartment, when the watchman says that her husband has already arrived from office.

Happy and delighted, she dashes into the kitchen to prepare those two “romantic cups” of tea, to be sipped by two beloved souls amidst the soft evening breeze.

While watching the water gurgle inside the “hot burning pot”, she calls out to her Sanju; alas, no response. She calls him up on his mobile. Yes!!! It’s ringing; she can hear it. Can he??? She finds his mobile sitting upon the sofa set looking “grey and grave”.

She can hear the water drops “kissing” the bathroom floor. She steps onto the bathroom tiles, hoping that she will find him there. Sanju’s absence is conspicuous here too.

She flees; flees across her “sweet home” space with her heart pounding loud; maybe skipping a beat or two. And then she enters the terrace, only to find…

the soft whispery breeze combing through Sanju’s hair while he silently rests on his easy chair allowing the radio frequency to murmur the “latest” songs into his head phone-corked ears.

Woof!!! What a relief!

Ok!!! Let Ad Pick tell you that this is no imagination at all. This is the Max New York Life Insurance TVC, coming from the house of Euro RSCG.

Review: Great philosophers always warned that no trouble knocks at the window before sneaking through the pane. So, better be alert.

Max New York’s TVC also follows similar lines. It asks you to be alert. It asks you to be watchful; to be insured. After all, even accidents never knock at the door before dropping in.

The Max New York Life Insurance ad is built entirely on suspense; and not once does that suspense break its clue. Thus, there is but very little chance that the ad goes avoided, at least in the first go.

However, here comes the flaw. Just like many suspense thrillers, this ad too tends to loose its charm with repeated watch. Accordingly, the chance that the TVC gets to create an impact amongst the targeted group is highly numbered.

Yes. The ad does have an impactful punch, specifically because of the suspense theme embedded into it. But for how long does that impact remain amongst the marked assemblage, is a question that can be answered only by the Max New York life insurance agents. After all, it’s only they who know the exact number of policies that’s been sold by so far.

However, Ad Pick surely believes that the TVC is above average, if not par excellence.

Not bad Euro RSCG.

Agency: Euro RSCG
Running time: 45 seconds
ITV rating: * * * *

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