Preethi Mariappan’s five ways of social transformation

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By Priyanka Nair Posted on : 30 May 2014 08:41 pm

GOA: While the marketing world at large is talking about how it is necessary for brands to be on social, Razorfish- Germany executive director Preethi Mariappan thinks it is time for brands to transform. In the ninth edition of GoaFest an interesting point of view that was discussed across various sessions was the need to blend creativity with social communications.

According to Mariappan, it is essential for brands to sit down and understand what type of ideas can go places in the digital space. She believes that 2014 is the age of social relevance.  Elaborating more on this, Mariappan listed out five things Razorfirsh keeps in mind while rolling out a social media campaign.

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Get content right

If brands want to get noticed on social the first thing that it needs to work on is, play with content. On social, narrative style of content works best. Brands just don’t need to create content that is sharable, what it needs to focus more is on the relevance of it. Apart from this, brands need to develop content that is relevant for multiple channels.

Involve influencers aggressively

Mariappan believes that today, all life experiences are amplified. Social has gone ahead to become a part of everyone’s life. Brands need to work realistically and take into consideration these aspects carefully. Identifying the right associates on social can bring on some great results. Influencers on social media can help brands get impressive results. 

Recongise ‘Fandom’ 

“Behind every like, there is a real fan with a brand story to share,” said Mariappan. Fandom actually makes a brand a hero on social.  If a brand really wants to make that difference in its communication what it needs to work on is appreciating the fans it has. It is all about weaving good connections.     

Give consumers memorable experiences

Mariappan thinks it is time for brands to give consumers memorable experiences when on social. At the end of every communication consumers should have something to takeaway. If brands want to generate talks it has to give consumers an experience worth remembering. Social transformation can trigger with this never before seen experiences.

Bet high on social data

It is high time to take the power of social data seriously. If numbers generated by social media platforms are taken into consideration much before the campaign the results could be astonishing. When the right idea hits on social platform the results generated thereby is remarkable.

Social transformation cannot generate visibility but soon it looks like leads can be created by brands. All just a click away!

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