On social be realistic, says Facebook’s Riley Peter

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By indiantelevision.com Team Posted on : 29 May 2014 10:06 pm

GOA: Facebook has changed the nature of personal and business communication. While people are looking at connecting with other set of people on Facebook, brands too need to take a good note on how to create great connections with consumers.

Facebook –APAC head of creative shop Riley Peter on Day 1 of GoaFest went ahead to talk about what creativity meant to the social media network giant. Today, as people have access to multi screens, creativity needs to shape up accordingly, believes Peter.

It is time for brands to partner with social networking sites for creating impressive work. Social has the power to identify niche as well as the mass audiences. Brands can thereby analyse what idea works for it best. According to Peter, “Brands don’t have the right to be in your newsfeed.” He is of the opinion that it is time for brands to move away from just creating disruptive communication. At the end of the day a consumer when on social platform, needs to take away much more than product details and offers.

Brand communications should never look like an intruding one. Today, consumers have infinite choices and also have a total control over it. The challenge for brands thereby increases. “Only smart creative ideas can bring that difference in a consumer’s outlook towards brands,” said Peter. He also thinks that brands should change their perception of getting more likes just for the sake of it. 

Peter is of the opinion that India has a great potential to create remarkable creative work on social. Main reason being that today Facebook has over one billion users in India. The number in itself speaks. What Indian brands need to do is bring the art of storytelling on social as well.  Peter is highly impressed with what Indian brands are doing on main stream advertising. According to him, in India celebrity endorsements have created some successful brand campaigns. “It is time to be more realistic and rope them effectively on social too,” said Peter.

The creative canvas on social has the power to give real experiences to consumers in the near future. Peter is highly optimistic about India and thinks in the coming years there will be great storytelling happening on social by brands!

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