Impresario launches ‘Social’ in Bengaluru

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By Team Posted on : 24 Mar 2014 03:16 pm

BENGALURU: Impresario Entertainment & Hospitality (Impresario) has launched the first of the three ‘Social’ cafes for 2014 in Bengaluru. The company has also planned for a 22 April launch in New Delhi and a 17 May launch in Mumbai.

 Impresario says that its core strength is in understanding the changing dining out habits of new young India and delivering quality dining-out experiences tailored to delight their guests. The chain has 36 outlets under popular brands such as Mocha – Coffees & Conversations, Smoke House Deli, The Tasting Room, Stone Water Grill and Le Kebabiere.

Depending upon the success of the three ‘Social’ outlets, Impresario plans to open about 20 ‘Social’ cafes over the next three years. Targeting the youth (aged between 18 and 35 years), with brand ‘Social’, the company plans to have a one-on-one connect using technology and the internet with its clients. For some of its other brands such as Mocha, the company uses radio for mass media communications. The company believes that it is strong in the use of technology as the main tool, or as a supplement for other mediums such as radio and social media.

Impresario CEO and managing director Riyaaz Amlani revealed to, “We spend around 2.5 per cent of revenue towards brand building and communications. Our topline is around Rs75 crore (Rs750 million). A lot of our activities are BTL and event associated. We have our own creative teams, and media buying, where required, is in-house.”

 “People have been coming in to use our cafes to work from, hold meetings, make presentations. All we did was build a space that caters to that need, a productive space driven by a radical 9-6 creative community, a space for doers and makers to work and network, said Amlani.

 “Social is a path-breaking urban hangout that’s designed to take you offline while still keeping you connected; a place where networking can happen.  Social is a collaborative workspace, a hub for artists, designers, and innovators. Social has everything an office has; a boardroom, wall-space and wall-to-wall uber high-speed WiFi. The café has an app that lets you order and review food, check out the restaurant’s playlist (to like and recommend music) and even check in on what the other guests in the space are up to, to allow room for collaboration and interaction between tables,” added Amlani further while speaking about the new chain.

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