HT Media PAT up 24 per cent in FY-2014; Radio operating results triple

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By Tarachand Wanvari Posted on : 12 May 2014 01:46 pm

BENGALURU: HT Media Limited (HT Media) reported a 23.79 per cent jump in PAT in FY-2014 to Rs 207.53 crore (9.43 per cent of Total Operating Income or Tot Inc) as compared to the Rs 167.65 crore (8.18 per cent of Tot Inc) in FY-2013. The company’s radio segment reported a tripling (2.83 times) of operating results to Rs 20.96 crore in FY-2014 as compared to the Rs 7.40 crore in FY-2013. This segment seems to be going from strength to strength as it had reported a negative result of Rs (-4.38) crore in FY-2012.

In Q4-2014, the radio segment result at Rs.4.81 crores was (-38.25) per cent lower than the Rs.7.79 crores in Q3-2014 and 4.58 times the Rs 1.05 crore in Q4-2013.

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