Interface Communications give a new identity to BMA

MUMBAI: Interface Communications has designed a new logo for the Bombay Management Association (BMA).

The all-new identity reflects the changes that are sweeping management thinking. The new logo is a vibrant expression of contemporary management thought and has been conceptualised to support the new brand experience that the association aims to provide.

Commenting on the design, Interface Communications NCD Robby Mathew said, “Every element in the logo has a story to tell. For example, the lower case used in the logo brings alive a more open culture that typifies today’s management thinking and one that welcomes participation from the younger generation.”

The new logo celebrates a more collaborative culture that is today’s mantra. The letter 'm' in the logo also graphically captures this collaboration and the coming together of two management professionals. Different colours cue the different areas of learning, knowledge-sharing and enhancing managerial competencies that bma promotes.

Commenting on the new logo, L&T BMA president and senior vice president (corporate human resources) Yogi Sriram said, “Lord Tennyson wrote ‘the old order changeth yielding place to the new...’. Bombay or Mumbai has seen dramatic changes in its corporate landscape. The pulse beat of business in modern India can be felt most significantly in Mumbai. The pulse is epitomized by youth, color, vibrancy and energy and is ensconced in the new logo of BMA that represents this story of change and robust enthusiasm”

On the same lines, BMA VP and Asterii Analytics executive director Niteen Bhagwat said, “This design is a bold step and is a dramatic departure from the past in design and expression, without losing out on the core values of BMA which remain unchanged”.

The old logo of BMA symbolised management thinking that was prevalent 60 years ago. A person standing on the podium with all initials in capital letters represented a very different style of management, a top down management approach and the authority that management was supposed to exude.

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