's Media, Advertising, Marketing Watch announces 'Arzoo Table' service in India Team

(9 August 2007 6:00 pm), the travel portal in India has announced 'Book-a-table' service.

Under this service, people can call on the toll free numbers 1-800 22 21 20 or 022-6713 4444 (from Mumbai) after which's executive will make a table reservation at the favourite restaurant or even recommend nearest retaurants in Mumbai.

"The idea behind this service is that one would not have to store or remember phone numbers of various restaurants across Mumbai. would also be in a position to suggest a convenient restaurant of choice to a new comer in the city on the basis of his location proximity," said head operations India Amal Purandare.

Currently this service is available in Mumbai and soon it would be available in other major cities across India as well.

"This would be of a great convenience to travellers who would not have to worry about where to get a good meal of their choice or which restaurant would help them crack that all important deal with their client. Eventually, customers can use Arzoo's stored number for Travel bookings as well, " said marketing head Sameer Patil. provides this service absolutely free for the customers as well as for the restaurants, states an official release.

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