Three D Holograms looks to take below the line advertising in India to the next level

MUMBAI: Three D Holograms is looking at adding a third dimension to brand building and Indian advertising.

It has launched three advertising mediums in India.

The mediums are Advanced Lenticulars, Animated holograms and 3D Plasma Screens. Through these mediums the company says that it is looking to revolutionise below the line advertising in India.

The company says that this medium has already proved its mark in Europe and boosted sales of many a products. Three D Holograms MD Dayal Thakkar, says, ?Getting this technology to India is a big leap in the advertising and marketing arena. Today when every piece of communication is trying to grab attention, our products will not only bring in a breath of fresh air but also be a great relief to sore eyes from the conventional advertising mediums.

?I am confident that these three products will play a critical role in boosting sales of all our clients and generate interests among their target customers.?

The international partners of Three D Hologram are Consortium Companies Europe for Advanced lenticulars and 3 D plasma TV and Colorgraphics for Animated Holograms.

The company says that the pull-power of the displayed products shows the effectiveness of 3D animation in luring customers, even in the busiest environments and against lots of competing media. Interest they say was especially high in europe for 3D plasma screens: 3D TVs offer all the advantages of 2D TVs, including remote updating and networking capability, but with the added attention-grabbing advantages of high-definition 3D.

Thre D hologram,s notes that Indian companies are one of the most aggressive when it comes to promotion and advertising in the Asian region. These innovative promotional mediums only enhance breaking the clutter in reaching consumers mind.

The company says that 3 D holograms offer up to 74 frames - an improvement over the standard 14 frames to deliver unrivalled 3D depth and range of movement. It was an eye-opener to see how far holography has come with the world's first daylight hologram posters, which have already been so successful for Nike, Cadbury, Warner Bros and many other brands.

Lenticulars are developed by highly specialized interlacing software capable of generating more sophisticated imagery. The interlaced image is finely tuned to the specific characteristics of the lenticular lens, as well as the desired viewing distance. A lenticular lens is comprised of extruded clear plastic lenticules. Each lenticule works as a magnifying glass, revealing only portions of an interlaced image at a time. The frames of the interlaced image change as the viewer changes viewing angle of the lens.

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