MTV survey 'unlocks' DNA of wannabe Roadies

MUMBAI: Interactive programming isn't entirely new to television in India and MTV Networks India is using research feedback collated during the audition of the Roadies 3 to secure the connect with youth, which is its target audience (TG).

The research findings tell a tale of wannabe roadies.



The findings were derived from a sample of 7,000 youths from Pune, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Delhi and Mumbai where auditions for MTV Roadies 3 were held. Surveys were done both online as well as at the registration centers.

Out of the 7000 aspirants for MTV Roadies 3, 4000 responses to the questionnaire were submitted online, while at the registration counter it was 3000.

The findings show that the highest age of Roadies aspirants was 47 year olds and the lowest was 15 year olds. Although, to be a contestant for MTV Roadies, the wannabe has to be at least 18 year-old and it is mandatory for candidates to have a geared two-wheeler license. But the average age of female aspirants was 20 year-old, while the average age of male roadies was 21 year-old.



MTV Networks India vice-president marketing and digital Vikram Raizada asserts, "It is a clear indication that unlike most talent hunts where applicants are clearly seeking fame (and possibly money), our Roadies aspirants are unique - they seek adventure, challenge and excitement... all great ingredients for a cult show!"

The survey serves as a key to comprehend the psychographic of adventure seekers or roadies. The findings also pointed out that on an average, 41 per cent of those who auditioned were students, while 59 per cent belonged to the bracket of working or have worked before.

The education profile on the other hand indicated that 63 per cent were under grad (under-graduate) or less, while five per cent were post-grad, whereas 32 per cent were graduates.

When asked if they did have a girlfriend and how many? Almost all respondents were unmarried and nearly 65 per cent claimed that they didn't have any girlfriends. Here, metros like Pune and Mumbai accounted for 71 per cent and 67 per cent respectively, where they claimed they belonged to the bracket of single-ready to mingle. While four per cent did claim that they have more than two girlfriends and Mumbai pecking the highest with four per cent.



Interested in finding out if the adventure seekers are God-fearing or firm believers of religion? Not surprisingly, Raizada points out, that in a place like India 49 per cent believed in religion and God. Here, Chandigarh threw a high of 55 per cent.

Most of the aspirants for MTV Roadies 3 don't think issues like homosexuality are taboo. Homosexuality was found to be acceptable amongst most of the aspirants and it seems today's youth believe one does have a right to sexual expression and preferences. Though a majority of the youth opined that they believed in live 'n' let live philosophy, 11 per cent condemned homosexuality and 7 per cent didn't disclose any view.

What do the youth think on male-female equality? Twenty seven per cent of the respondents made a point that when compared, males were physically stronger than females. But in other aspects males and females were more or less equal in other walks of life. Thirty three per cent aspirants from Pune and Hyderbad are like minded that men are physically stronger that women.

On a bold note, almost half of the wannabes seem to be bold enough even to strip down. Whereas eight per cent declared that they would strip for money, 28 per cent said that they would do it if challenged. On the other hand, another 15 per cent said that they might do it for other reasons as well. Nine per cent of Pune aspirants were keener to do for money. In the same vein, 32 per cent from Pune accounted 'if challenged.' While 28 per cent from Chandigarh strictly said "no no" for stripping for 10,000 bucks.

Raizada adds that changing value systems in the society did reflect in the thinking of the wannabe Roadies. Asked for a reaction when stopped by a traffic cop for jumping signals, 23 per cent said they would pay a fine, 21 per cent said they would try to talk their way through the situation, while the rest were not sure about their action.

Last but not the least, when asked why they aspire to be a Roadie, 25 per cent cited love for adventure as a reason. While 18 per cent of the respondents came in as they had a passion for driving; fame and money accounted for eight per cent and two per cent respectively. On the other hand, 42 per cent wannabes of roadies came in for MTV Roadies 3 for fun enjoyment and excitement.

It is interesting to note that while nine per cent of Pune aspirants were keener to strip for money, one per cent pointed out that they didn't come to audition for MTV Roadies 3 for money.

Pointing out that such feedback helped MTV in designing programming, Raizada explained, "It is a clear indication that youth here are not fame seekers, but adventure seekers."

"This research corroborates our hypothesis that MTV Roadies captures the adventure reality space in young Indian's lives. Also it is further evidence of our ability to keep our finger on the pulse of young India. Of course constant innovation is part and parcel of all that we do on MTV, and this research will help us with further innovations in the future," he states.

Further, he says that MTV Roadies is a cult show for the youths and other shows including Fully Faltoo and MTV Bakra are programmes, which clearly indicate that they connect with their target audience.

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