Discovery takes mobile route to promote upcoming fare

MUMBAI: The cell phone is increasingly becoming a means for channels to connect with a key target audience --- the upwardly mobile segment. Realising this, Discovery is all set to go the mobile route in a big way to promote shows that will air over the next three months.



Speaking exclusively to, Discovery India marketing director Aditya Tripathi says, "To create awareness about our new shows we will continue to extensively use print advertisements. At the same time we will also add new platforms to extend our reach and impact. We will adopt the internet and mobile platforms to send regular e-mailers and SMS reminders."

Tripathi added that the broadcaster is talking to a couple of mobile providers regarding the possibility of leveraging Wap content. This will enable mobile users to download clips of Discovery shows.



Tripathi added that the broadcaster would extend the idea of making Discovery more interactive through on-line contests as well. "You will also a witness a lot more (inter)action on the Discovery India website." As far as traditional means of advertising are concerned Discovery will also use outdoors in a big way from next month in the form of hoardings.



One of Discovery's major upcoming attractions is Rival. This will give viewers a glimpse of famous people from a unique perspective- that of pitting them against one another. The show kicks off next month. One episode will tackle two key figures in Formula One racing Alain Prost vs Ayrton Senna. Another episode is called Lennon vs. McCartney.

The episode shows how the founders of the most famous pop group The Beatles struggled in terms of image, money and recognition. Right from the start, Lennon feared that McCartney could threaten his position as leader of the band. Mutually driving each other to ever-greater heights, each tried to write better songs than the other and it was these tensions that made them so creative and unique.

Another show that will debut sometime in November is Columbus. This seeks to answer the deceptively simple question of who Christopher Columbus was.

Speaking about the channel's performance, Tripathi points out that the Discover India time band has helped hook fresh viewers. "It has had universal appeal across India. A large number of the new

viewers looking for that "additional motive" to come on to the channel have, as planned, stayed on with Discovery. "Discover India's shows such as Natural World, Monsoons, On the Horizon - South India and episodes such as The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway have done very well," he states.

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